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Items are color-coded as to who is responsible. Maroon for ORSPA responsibilities, Gold for Unit responsibilities, and Grey for PI responsibilities that cannot be delegated to RA staff.


The process of completing a proposal which adheres to sponsor specifications, complying with ASU requirements, including obtaining campus approvals and forwarding the final proposal to PNT for review and submission.
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1. Review funding opportunity announcement WI-DP-01 ••

Reviewing the funding opportunity announcement helps determine: PI eligibility, Institutional eligibility, Limits on number/types of proposals, and Requirements for applying to the FOA

2. Determine proposal type WI-DP-02 ••

Determine the type of proposal to ensure that RAs know which path to take in the preparation and submission

3. Proposal preparation

These three steps can be completed simultaneously

3A. Prepare proposal checklist WI-DP-03

  • Organizes sponsor requirements for applying
  • Identifies the party responsible for parts of the proposal
  • Outlines internal ASU steps necessary for the review and submission of proposals by the ASU institutional official

3B. Create and route funding proposal WI-DP-04

Create the funding proposal (FP), where required, to

  • ensure that the proposal is in ASU’s records in the event of questions from the
  • sponsor allow for internal and external reporting

Route the funding proposal (FP) to provide an opportunity

  • for all ASU reviewers to ensure the proposal is appropriate to the unit and institutional goals
  • to confirm that personnel and facilities are available to carry out the project

3C. Craft technical proposal WI-DP-05

  • how to determine what sections need to be written for the proposal
  • what needs to be addressed in each of those sections
  • what steps should be taken to strengthen the proposal before submission

4. Complete proposal WI-DP-06 ••

  • fulfill the requirements outlined in the program’s FOA
  • pass ASU and any available sponsor validations

5. Review final proposal WI-DP-07 ••

Review of proposal by RA, PI, and PNT to verify that the proposal meets all requirements of the FOA and is ready for final review and submission of the proposal to the sponsor

6. Request proposal submission WI-DP-08 ••

Request submission of the proposal notifies PNT that the

  • RA and PI have reviewed the final proposal
  • ASU reviewers have been given the opportunity to review the funding proposal
  • Proposal is complete and is ready for submission to the sponsor

Provides for notification after the proposal has been submitted
Ensures that confirmation of submission is retained in the file for future reference

7. Cancel proposal submission WI-DP-09 ••

Deleting an FP that will not be submitted closes the ERA system’s records on the proposal in cases where

  • the PI has decided to defer or
  • the PI will not otherwise pursue submission of the proposal

Cancellation signals that no further action is needed