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Responsibility: Unit-PI
Prepared by: RAS
Work Instruction Number: WI-DP-01


Reviewing the Funding Opportunity Announcement helps determine

  1. PI eligibility
  2. Institutional eligibility
  3. Limits on number/types of proposals
  4. Requirements for applying to the FOA

FOA – Funding Opportunity Announcement
PI – Principal Investigator
RA – Research Advancement Administrator
WI – Work Instruction
DP – Develop Proposal
DO- Define Opportunity

For definitions, see Sponsored Projects Definitions

Review funding opportunity announcement

  1. RA receives notification from PI of intent to apply, whether using a proposal intake form (see optional Sample Proposal Intake Forms) OR some other unit determined process
  2. Where not received, RA will send a unit developed proposal intake form or email requesting needed information
  3. RA will screen the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for PI Eligibility, Institutional Eligibility and other key items for consideration. To assist RAs in this task, the RA may use the Reviewing a Funding Announcement Guide. The use of this guide is optional but recommended
  4. If the FOA limits the number of applications or restricts the institutional eligibility, RA will review Submit Internal Proposal for additional guidance related to limited submission requirements
  5. RA will review the FOA (and referenced materials within FOA) to note requirements for proposal preparation and content (See Prepare Proposal Checklist). Specific FOA requirements complement the general sponsor proposal guidelines. Where there are conflicts, the FOA takes precedence

    NOTE: If questions about the FOA or general proposal guidelines arise, discuss with the direct manager. If questions remain, contact [email protected]
  6. If opportunity will be pursued, RA will continue to Determine Proposal Type