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Responsibility: Unit-PI
Prepared by: RAS
Work Instruction Number: WI-DP-07


Review of proposal by RA, PI, and PNT to verify that the proposal

1. Meets all requirements of the FOA

2. Is ready for final review and submission of the proposal to the sponsor

RA – Research Advancement Administrator

FOA – Funding Opportunity Announcement

ERA – Enterprise Research Administration

PI – Principal Investigator

PNT – Proposal and Negotiation Team

WI- Work Instruction

GCO – Grant and Contract Officer

DP – Develop Proposal

For definitions, see Acronyms and Glossary page.

Review final proposal

1. RA will check proposal against sponsor guidelines, FOA, and where available, ERA/Sponsor validations. Use of the ASU developed NIH and NSF checklists can also be helpful in this review.

2. RA will send a copy of fully completed proposal to PI for review

2.1. Optimally copy is sent to the PI 3-5 business days prior to the submission

2.2. Where time does not permit, send to PI as early as possible

2.3. When sending the completed proposal for PI approval on the sponsor deadline day, establish a time that the proposal will move forward for submission in the event no word is received from the PI. Established time to be set by the RA to avoid missed deadlines and in accord with unit approved practices.

3. RA will make any final corrections requested by PI

4. RA will do a final review to ensure the information entered into ERA and the proposal package is correct and complete

5. RA will notify PNT that the proposal is ready for review

6. RA will address any feedback received from PNT

6.1. For documents/information which the PI is responsible for, consult to ensure changes are ok.

6.2. If PI has feedback for PNT, notify PNT with additional information/questions

7. RA will make necessary changes

7.1. Where possible, changes should be administrative in nature or otherwise approved by the PI

7.2. If the PI will not be available prior to due date, make the changes required by PNT to submit

8. If changes have been made, RA will review proposal application again to ensure the package is still accurate

9. RA will continue to Request Proposal Submission

Note: RA may pose questions to the assigned GCO along the way and/or may request PNT early review of any part of the proposal where guidance is needed by using the notify PNT activity