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Items are color-coded as to who is responsible. Maroon for ORSPA responsibilities, Gold for Unit responsibilities, and Grey for PI responsibilities that cannot be delegated to RA staff.


The process which describes the search for opportunities, institutional and PI eligibility criteria and the requirement for seeking approval where submissions are limited by the sponsor.
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1. Identify funding WI-DO-01

Research Development staff will utilize tools such as subscription services, sponsor contacts, the Internet and other media to identify funding opportunities.

2. Locate and select funding opportunity WI-DO-05

To provide tools to the RA and investigator on locating funding opportunities, including the Faculty Interest tool, the Current & Pending tool, and Guides to screen for eligibility​

3. Screen RFPs for eligibility WI-DO-10

To provide tools to the RA and investigator on locating funding opportunities, including the Faculty Interest tool, the Current & Pending tool, and Guides to screen for eligibility​

  • ASU qualifies
  • ASU qualifies but cannot submit due to an award limitation (number of awards, prior awardee, etc.)
  • ASU qualifies but there is a limitation on the number of proposals ASU can submit
  • ASU cannot serve as the lead institution but can serve as a partner (for example, with small business)
  • ASU is ineligible

4. Provide tools and training WI-DO-20

Research Development staff will disseminate screened opportunities to the ASU community via funding.asu.edu.

Research Operations staff will provide training to the ASU community in the use of funding.asu.edu and online tools such as Pivot, Foundation Directory Online, and Grants.gov.

5. Submit internal proposal (if the opportunity is a limited submission) WI-DO-50

1. The RA will visit, as well as provide the PI with the link to, the Limited Submissions page at funding.asu.edu.

2. The RA will assist the PI with the Limited Submissions’ internal application submission requirements, using the instructions provided for each specific funding announcement.

3. The RA and PI will jointly complete the internal application, based on instructions provided for the specific funding competition.

4. The RA will verify that all requirements (any institutional support documentation, eligibility) are met prior to internal application submission.

5. The RA or PI may submit the application via InfoReadyReview.

6. Review and select internal proposals WI-DO-60

1. Research Development receives internal submissions via the [email protected] mailbox.

2. All internal applications received on time will be reviewed for consideration.

3. If the number of applications received does not exceed the sponsor’s limitation, candidates will be advised that they may proceed with submission to the sponsor, and must complete all regular ASU approval processes.

4. If Research Development does not receive any applications by the internal deadline, completed internal applications sent to [email protected] will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

5. If more applications are received than can be submitted under the sponsor’s limitation, a review panel will be established. The review process is administered by Research Development acting on behalf of OKED.

6. Selection(s) will be based on panel feedback.

7. Research Development will notify selected candidates by email.

8. Research Development will notify candidates not selected by email, who may request assistance from [email protected] in locating other potential funding opportunities.

9. If provided, Research Development will provide candidates with reviewers’ comments, however reviewers’ names will remain confidential.

10. Selected candidates must complete all regular internal approval processes for submission to the sponsor.