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KE’s Project Management Office is staffed with experienced project managers that work with principal investigators on large, complex and translational projects to assist the PI in the administration of the project and allow the PI to maintain a focus on the science.

What we do

The PMO supports projects throughout the project life cycle. The information below demonstrates how the traditional project life cycle maps against the proposal/project life cycle in the university environment.


In the define opportunity phase, project managers work with the PI or initiative lead to identify proposals, map ASU’s capabilities and assess ASU’s ability to win the award. They will start to define a proposal team, develop a theme for the proposal and outline a strategy to win the award.


During proposal development and submission, the PM will work closely with the PI and the entire project team to refine the proposal theme, identify any missing pieces within the research or the team, and define the governance approach and develop the management plan for the proposal. The PM will also help the research team define project timelines, milestones and deliverables for an integrated project.

Frequently, during negotiation, a proposal is awarded at less than the full funding amount or for a truncated term. In this scenario the project manager will work with the PI to refine the scope of work, budget, timelines and deliverables for team members and subcontracts to ensure prioritization and delivery of key project milestones and deliverables.


During award setup, the PM will work closely with the PI and project leadership to execute on the governance plan defined in the proposal. Typical activities include defining award and account setup to facilitate the team’s research, aiding in staffing the project, mapping contract requirements to project deliverables and initiating team communications mechanisms (websites, all-hands meetings, etc.).

Monitor and control

During project execution and subaward management, the PM will monitor the project team’s performance to the proposed timelines for milestones and deliverables, project expenditures (capital, personnel, direct costs, cost share, etc.), and communications requirements with the sponsor. The PM will also work with the project team to make modifications to proposed timelines, budgets and personnel.

Project closure

In project close-out, as the project enters the final phases, the PM will work with the PI to develop staff transition and expenditure plans for the project personnel. Once the project performance period has been completed, the PM will work with the PI to complete final reporting and account reconciliation and closure.

Contact information

For additional information, please contact Kevin Reinhart.