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About the Award Management Team

Centerpoint Building – 660 S. Mill Avenue – Tempe, AZ 85281

RoleName/ProfilePhone Number
Associate DirectorNicholas Petersen480-727-9458
Laura Roberts480-727-4627

Team 1

RoleName/ProfilePhone Number
Team LeadPamela Chapman480-727-8399
Service Liaison – BiodesignTravis Laux480-965-8677
Service LiaisonNnedi (Gifty) Ulinwa480-727-7552
Award Setup* and Fiscal ReportingAndrew Touvannas480-727-7462
Award Change* and Fiscal ReportingJeremy Stewart480-965-6237
Award ChangeSarah Nystrom
Fiscal Reporting*Travis Laux480-965-8677
Award ChangeCameron Long
Fiscal ReportingMikayla Gerdes480-965-7340
Fiscal Reporting and Subaward InvoicingDennis Sajovie

Team 2

RoleName/ProfilePhone Number
Team LeadTara Jenkins480-727-5477
Service LiaisonMirna Mun480-727-7342
Subaward Invoicing – All Teams*Jennifer Honey480-965-5699
Award Set Up*Corey Canto480-965-4316
Award Change*Lisa Wirth480-965-3560
Award Setup and Fiscal ReportingJared Smith
Award Setup and Award ChangeTaryn Landis
Fiscal Reporting*Tina DiGregorio480-727-3969
Fiscal ReportingMichael Satre480-965-1413
Award ChangeJessica Landress

Team 3

RoleName/ProfilePhone Number
Team LeadNeils Dutken480-727-1159
Service LiaisonDeborah Taylor480-727-5684
Award SetupMartin Herrera480-965-7202
Award Monitoring – All Teams*Lynn (Joanna) Golden480-965-9875
Award Change*Kaye Leith
Award ChangeAdrian Tiscornia
Award ChangeKlaus Lienhard
Award ChangeLora Gouge
Fiscal Reporting*Tina LeFlore480-965-4738
Fiscal ReportingTomomi Milleson
Fiscal ReportingAshley Wu

AMT is your partner in financial management of external funding for university research and sponsored activities. Together, with the units, we manage approximately 3,700 accounts and 2,400 awards which exceed $1.62B.

Our customer service liaisons are the focal point for customer problems, questions or concerns. They take the lead on an item to resolution or coordinate with the appropriate team member to provide timely and accurate answers for customers. Other members of our team provide support to post-award RA staff and Business Operations Managers by filling the following roles.

Award setup

Verify award documents and establish accounts for all awards

Award change

Review/obtain ASU internal approvals (i.e., PI approvals) and sponsor approvals for award modifications

Award monitoring

Review/approve Workday tasks ensuring transactions are being treated consistently and in line with ASU/sponsor requirements

Fiscal reporting

Complete all sponsor required invoices and financial reports

How do we do it?

There are 30 employees plus 8 students who work together in AMT. The AMT team consists of a lead, a customer service liaison, and up to 6 additional team members each with specific roles they specialize in.

How do I contact my customer service liaison?

Begin by looking up your unit in Who Can Help Me? You will see an AMT customer service liaison — click on their hyperlinked name to send them an email.

How long will it take to hear from a customer service liaison?

Generally, you should hear back within 48 hours of submitting your question.

What if I can’t wait 48 hours?

Contact the team lead if a delay would cause a negative impact on the sponsored project .

How do I determine the team lead?

After locating your AMT customer service liaison in Who Can Help Me?, click on the directory at the top of this page and note which team your customer service liaison is assigned to. The name and contact information for the team lead will be right above your customer service liaison’s name.

What if I need to contact someone in a role other than the customer service liaison or team lead?

Use the directory at the top of this page to locate the individual responsible for the action you are currently taking — whether for a new award that needs to be established, a change that needs to be made, account monitoring or fiscal reporting.

There is more than one person listed for the same role on my assigned team. Should I contact both?

No. You should contact the person for that role listed with an asterisk (*). Contacting more than one individual with the same role may lead to confusion or duplication of work.

I need something signed today and my liaison and team lead are not available, now what?

Contact the AMT Assistant Director. His contact information is in the directory located at the top of this page.

There was an error made by AMT, who should I contact to have it fixed?

Please contact the team lead.

Best practices when working with AMT:

  • Set up regular check-ins with your customer service liaison to review rush requests and address general questions.
  • Track the status of Award Change Requests and Award Modifications using your “My Inbox” dashboard in ERA.
  • Include the ERA AWD number in email communication sent to AMT.
  • Complete final expenses reconciliations within 60 days of the award end date to allow time for AMT to submit the final invoice or financial report.
  • We cannot invoice or report on expenses that have not been posted to the grant yet.