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Upcoming RA seminars and events

Below is a list of upcoming RA seminars and other events targeted to Research Advancement professionals. Be sure to visit the Research Academy often to view and register for additional opportunities that may be available.

For recordings of past RA seminars, please visit the Training Toolbox on the Research Administration website. Please also visit the 2021 Tri-University Research Administration Conference page which includes slides and video recordings from Spring 2021.

July 14, 2023, 10AM-11:30AM, RAD Session 10: Using Data to Support Strategic and Operational Decision Making in Research Administration. This session will focus on the many critical conversations that are needed in order to take advantage of the opportunity and expectation to utilize informed, objective, and empirical data-driven decisions. Presenters will share real-world examples where systems and data were used to inform decisions (data visualizations, metrics, KPIs, performance, institutional goals, workload balancing, pods, etc.). Participants will review the juxtaposition of the decision maker and decision recipient perspectives of system and data decisions. Register on the NYC Research Administration Demonstration Series — RSVP Webpage.

August 18, 2023, 10AM-11:30AM, RAD Session 11: F&A Base Year Prep. This session will cover strategies to help research administrators prepare for their next F&A base year. This includes discussion on source systems and data collection, as well as proactively implementing policies and leadership goals in order to achieve the desired outcome. Register on the NYC Research Administration Demonstration Series — RSVP Webpage.

September 22,2023, 10AM-Noon, RAD Session 12: Case Study: Shared Services Implementation and Positive Impacts, Including Successfully Navigating an OIG Audit. Join us as we share stories about challenges faced and lessons learned transitioning from a decentralized research administration structure to a shared services model. Register on the NYC Research Administration Demonstration Series — RSVP Webpage.

October 20, 2023, 10AM-11:30AM, RAD Session 13: Industry Engagement Award Negotiations – Best Practices and Tips/Tricks. This session will focus on the intersection between research and award negotiations. Panelists will share national dialogue of issues with creative solutions from a wide variety of schools. Additionally, audience members will learn more about emerging/new issues in research-related negotiations, including case studies of specific matters that were interesting, fruitful or difficult (e.g., multisite clinical trials). Register on the NYC Research Administration Demonstration Series — RSVP Webpage.

December 4, 2023, 10:30AM – Noon, All Hands Meeting: Research Ops & RA Community – Hybrid. More information & registration will be forthcoming. Please join Heather Clark and the Research Operations Leadership Team for updates, networking and snacks! A Webinar link will be available for those offsite to join. If you have any questions or items you wish addressed, please send an email to Heather.

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