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Items are color-coded as to who is responsible. Maroon for ORSPA responsibilities, Gold for Unit responsibilities, and Grey for PI responsibilities that cannot be delegated to RA staff.


This includes verification of award information and project activation and setting up accounts including subawards.
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1. Input From Units WI-AS-01

Provide guidance to units on:

  • Sending award agreements to PNT or IAG for negotiation and signature
  • Requesting a Pre-Award At-Risk Account
  • Processing Award Modifications
  • Making requests for Post-Award changes

2. Input from PNT, AMT, Sponsors and Unite WI-AS-10

Requests to establish an award and account(s) primarily come from the Pre-Award Teams (PNT or IAG) and the ASU.Awards Mailbox.

3. Activate Award WI-AS-50

To define the process for reviewing and analyzing sponsored agreement documentation to ensure complete and accurate setup of an ERA award and account(s). This includes documenting actions requested between units to obtain financial components and research compliance approvals that need to be secured before project spending can occur.