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Training resources for KE and Research Operations staff

  • The series designated for KE and Research Operations teams provide information designed to onboard new staff.
  • Staff can also find and register for upcoming KE professional development events on a variety of topics.

KE professional development resources for RAs

The resources listed here are applicable to any unit administrator or staff member who is responsible for assisting investigators with identifying funding opportunities, proposal development, and/or management of sponsored project funds. RAs include those with a Research Advancement job title, as well as those with other ASU job titles.

  • The Getting Your Start as an RA series provides information designed to onboard new RAs.
  • New RAs should contact [email protected] to be granted access to the Getting Your Start as an RA series.
  • RAs can also find and register for upcoming KE professional development events, including the monthly RA Seminar series.

RA seminar library

RA Seminar recordings are available to research administrators via the RA Seminar Library tab of the RA Community Bulletin Board channel in MS Teams.

The RA Seminar Library contains recordings and resources from RA Seminars, NCURA Webinars, and TURAC conferences from Fall 2020 until the present date.

The RA Seminar Library provides a quick and easy search function to assist in finding recordings that best fit RA needs. Viewers will also have the option to record their viewing history.

Recordings and resources are also available for RA Seminars from 2016 through summer 2020. If you are an RA or associated ASU staff member who needs to reference a recording from this timeframe, please contact [email protected].

Other professional development resources for RAs

Resources for RAs to share with investigators

ASU offers services and support to researchers throughout the entire research life cycle, from locating funding opportunities to commercializing new technologies.

Research Academy

The How to Get Research Funding series provides researchers with grantsmanship instructions, tips, information, and resources designed to help streamline grant writing. There, researchers can find step-by-step modules on: 

  • Identifying and analyzing potential sponsors
  • searching for funding
  • writing their grant proposals

The site also provides access to professional development events that are available exclusively to ASU researchers, such as proposal development, IRB, and research computing workshops.

CITI On-Demand Webinars

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) offers over 100 free and on-demand webinars to ASU faculty, staff, and students. Webinars cover dozens of great research-focused topics. Learn more about the CITI free webinars and how to access them.