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Responsibility: Unit-PI
Prepared by: RAS
Work Instruction Number: WI-DP-08

PNT –  Proposal and Negotiation Team

RA –  Research Advancement Administrator

PI –  Principal Investigator

ASU –  Arizona State University

F&A –  Facilities and Administrative costs

GCO – Grant and Contract Officer

S2S –  System to System

ERA –  Enterprise Research Administration

For definitions, see Acronyms and Glossary page.

Request proposal submission

1. RA will confirm all reviewer approvals are in place.

  • If all unit approvers have not completed the workflow, PNT may agree to submit the proposal.
  • If F&A waiver and/or Cost Sharing approvals are not in place at the time of submission, RA will notify PNT of the reason for the incomplete approval(s). The assigned GCO may, depending on circumstances, ask for Director of PreAward Services approval to submit without completed approvals. There are no guarantees of approval of an exception.

NOTE: All approvals must be completed prior to a proposal being awarded. Accounts cannot be set up without approvals in place.

2. RA will forward for PNT review with a request to submit the proposal (in the comments box include a clear request, e.g. “Please review and submit the attached proposal package.”). RA will remain available for GCO questions and/or to make any necessary revisions, as needed, based on GCO feedback.

3. Once the proposal has been submitted, the PNT GCO will run the activity Submitted to Sponsor (Non S2S) ERA will generate a notice to the PI and RA of submission.

  • Where the sponsor requires that the PI submit (after approval from PNT), RA is responsible for obtaining and uploading the confirmation of submission and will notify PNT that the proposal has been submitted, attaching the sponsor confirmation.
  • If the RA submits the proposal (after approval from PNT), RA will run the activity Submitted to Sponsor by Dept with PNT Review. Confirmation of submission must be attached to the activity.