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About this manual

The process and work instructions provide the “how to” detail for Investigators, Research Advancement staff or ORSPA staff responsible for each step of the research administration process. The flowcharts on these pages graphically present the overall research administration process with a specific color representation: Maroon for ORSPA responsibilities, Gold for Unit responsibilities, and Grey for PI responsibilities that cannot be delegated to RA staff.


Start the process by defining your opportunity.

Process change management

To request changes to any processes within the lifecycle of research and sponsored projects, please submit your idea via CMC Contribution Central (ASURITE sign-on). Examples of such change requests could include:

  • A request to provide a new topical guide or resource for the research community.
  • A suggestion for how a process could be streamlined or improved in order to reduce administrative burden to your team or another stakeholder.

Please review the CMC Contribution Center User Guide for instructions to access the portal and guidance for engaging with the tool. Further information is summarized below, and a CMC High-Level Explainer is also available for additional context.