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Responsibility: Unit-PI
Prepared by: RAS
Work Instruction Number: WI-DP-06


Accumulate required information and attachments to be able to

1. Fulfill the requirements outlined in the program’s FOA

2. Pass ASU and any available sponsor validations

RA – Research Advancement Administrator

ERA – Enterprise Research Administration

ORSPA – Office for Research and Sponsored Projects Administration

ASUF – Arizona State University Foundation

FOA – Funding Opportunity Announcement

S2S – System to System

For definitions, see Acronyms and Glossary page.

Complete proposal

1. RA will ensure all administrative data is entered and accurate in ERA and in the proposal package

1.1. For proposals to be submitted by ORSPA for management by ORSPA, use the Standard Institutional Information

1.2. For proposals where ASUF will be the applicant but ORSPA will manage the award, use the ASUF Financial and Institutional Information on the ASUF Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations page

2. RA will complete other checklist documents assigned to the RA (See Prepare Proposal Checklist)

3. RA will obtain final documents prepared by PI and/or other responsible parties. This normally includes:

3.1. Technical Narrative

3.2. References

3.3. Letters of Commitment from collaborators, consultants and subrecipients

3.4. Other documents as listed in the FOA and on the checklist developed in Prepare Proposal Checklist

4. RA will attach and sequence documents required:

4.1. For Non S2S and Other proposals, follow the FOA instructions for the sequence of the proposal documents

4.2. For S2S, use the “bundling” function to order documents in the correct sequence

5. RA will run validations in ERA for S2S proposals. For Non S2S proposals RA will make use of sponsor validations where available. ASU’s checklists for NSF and NIH are also useful in completing the proposal.

6. RA will continue to Review Final Proposal