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Post-Award Resources

Last updated: 09/01/2021 - 1:55pm





ASU platform for the management of sponsored projects, including awards

Exact replica of ERA that allows for hands on practice prior to doing a task live

Information about post-award administration of sponsored projects in ERA

  • RA SharePoint

    • Award Files

    • Event Calendar for workshops and seminars

    • Add/Remove a Colleague to RA SharePoint and Other systems


Introduces the essentials of post-award research administration at ASU

  • Overview

    • Purpose of the sitelet

    • Financial Services Training/Policies


  • Post-Award Resources

    • This page

  • Roles and Responsibilities

    • Research Operations Teans

    • Unit

  • Set Up Project

    • Post submission tasks

    • Pre-award costs/At risks

    • Review award notice with PI

    • Establish and maintain project files

    • Initiate project

  • Process Expenses

    • Salary and Wages

    • Goods and Services

    • Subawards

    • Travel

  • Monitor Project

    • Monitor Expenses/Make Financial Changes

    • Make Programmatic/Administrative Changes

  • Reconcile Project

    • Why is it necessary

    • What's needed

    • What tools are available

    • What to do about errors found

  • Close Out Project

    • Unit responsibilities

    • Record retention

    • Audit

A tool developed by OKED to meet the requirements of compensation review in 2 CFR 200.430(i) Standards for Documentation of Personnel Expenses

Access to a number of reports useful to grant administration, particularly for account monitoring and reconciliation

The checklist outlines the steps to reconciling a sponsored project budget

Used to extract data residing in ERA

Tool to assist in calculating RA salaries

Online-based system ASU used to record all personnel actions


The following are guidelines commonly used by the US government to ensure consistency in the administration of funds awarded by federal research agencies.  They are not a substitute for the terms and conditions outlined in an award notice.  

To ensure compliance with both federal and non-federal award requirements, it is critical that the terms and conditions of an award are carefully reviewed.  [See Understanding Your Notice of Award.]


Establishment of a Sponsored Projects Account

Personnel Employed on Sponsored Projects

Leaves and Absences for Sponsored Projects Personnel

Certification of Sponsored Project Effort

Purchase Requests on Sponsored Projects and Internal Grant Programs

Sponsored Project Cash Advances

Consultants, Guest Lecturers, and Other Professional Services for Sponsored Projects

Subcontracts/Subaward Agreements

Sponsored Projects Travel for ASU Employees

Conference Registration Costs for ASU Employees on Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Project Travel and Related Costs (Non-ASU Employees)

 Equipment Management

Guaranteeing Delinquent Sponsored Projects Agency/Orgs

Sponsored Project Award Changes

Charging Direct and Facilities & Administrative Costs to Sponsored Projects

harging Direct and Facilities & Administrative Costs to Sponsored Projects

Facilities & Administrative Costs

Reports and Deliverables from Sponsored Projects

Financially Closing Out Fixed Price Agreements

Sponsored Project Agency/Org Deficit/Account Closeout

External Audits and Programmatic Reviews

Web form feature on RA SharePoint. Required for additional pay in excess of Institutional Base Salary (IBS) on a sponsored project.

Used to request time and/or funding to continue work without interruption pending receipt of a modification on an incrementally funded project.

Used to justify the use of a foreign flag air carrier for travel charged to a federally-funded sponsored project

Used to deposit sponsored checks received at Downtown, Polytechnic, and West campus departments

Used for allocating costs between interrelated projects supported by multiple Federal awards

  • F&A Waiver Request Form

    Used when making a request, after award, to reduce the amount of F&A to be reimbursed to ASU

Used to gather approvals for investigator/allocation changes on existing awards

Email template used to request the addition of a new unit to ERA

​Word template used to request the addition of a new unit to ERA

Used to request non-payroll cost transfers.

Used for award change requests and requests to establish at-risk accounts

Documents subrecipients considered and why only the one chosen can be used for this project

Used to obtain and document commitment from non-FDP subrecipient

Letter from FDP subrecipient committing to collaborate with ASU on a sponsored project

Used to obtain required information from a third party that is contributing to cost sharing

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