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Salary and wages

PeopleSoft HCM is an online-based system used to record all personnel actions. It is used to recruit, hire, create courtesy affiliates, etc. Learn more

Goods and services

There are several different ways to purchase goods and services. The method used will depend on the type of item, the total cost, and the vendor. Learn more


When a substantive portion of a project will be conducted by another entity, this is called a subaward (also known as subcontract or subagreement) Learn more


ASU Travel disseminates information, explains and interprets travel policies and procedures, issues travel advances, processes travel claims and keeps accurate travel records. Learn more

Financial services training

Financial Management System (FMS) 


502–01 Personnel employed on sponsored projects

502–02 Leaves and absences for sponsored projects personnel

503–01 Purchase requests on sponsored projects and internal grant programs

503–02 Sponsored project cash advances

503–03 Consultants, guest lecturers, and other professional services for sponsored projects

503–05 Subcontracts/subaward agreements

504–01 Sponsored projects travel for ASU employees

504–04 Conference registration costs for ASU employees on sponsored projects

504–05 Sponsored project travel and related costs (non-ASU employees)

505-06 Equipment management


Additional pay web form

Web form feature on RA SharePoint. Required for additional pay in excess of Institutional Base Salary (IBS) on a sponsored project.

Certification of Exception to Fly America Act

This form is a statement executed by the traveler justifying the use of a foreign flag air carrier for travel charged to a federally-funded sponsored project.

New account application form

Used when requesting set up of a state-funded cost share companion account.

ERA award change requests

The Award Change Request is an activity in ERA that users can run to initiate requests for award changes including No cost extensions, budget changes, etc.

Sole source justification

This form documents identifies subrecipients considered and why only the one chosen can be used for this project.

Subrecipient commitment form

A form used to obtain and document commitment from a subrecipient.

Subrecipient letter of commitment

Letter from subrecipient committing to collaborate with ASU on a sponsored project.

Federal-wide research terms and conditions

Topical guides

Capital equipment


Foreign travel

Participant support

Program income

Subrecipient vs vendor/contractor vs consultant


Audit readiness

Conducting business internationally

CAS (Cost Accounting Standards)

Cost sharing

Financial accountability


Job aids and videos

Understanding your notice of award

Sponsored projects allowability

Spending on the account

Uniform guidance for federal procurements


2 CFR 200 (Uniform Guidance)

2 CFR 200 (Uniform Guidance) – FAQ

NIH grants policy statement