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To identify the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the pre- and post-award processes of charitable grants.

RA – Research Advancement Administrator (ASU unit staff role)

BOM – Business Operations Manager (ASU unit staff role)

DODevelopment Officer (ASUF role at unit level)

DOD – Director of Development (ASUF role at unit level)

EPEnterprise Partners

ASU – Arizona State University

ASUF – Arizona State University Foundation

PI – Principal Investigator

KE – Knowledge Enterprise

AMT Award Management Team

FOTFiscal Oversight Team

For definitions, see Acronyms and Glossary page.

ASU Unit Staff (RA, BOM, Finance, etc.)Review funding guidelines, provide administrative proposal development support. May perform submission.

Liaison between PI and ORSPA.  
Review award documents and set up unit processes for award expenditures and account monitoring

Coordinate necessary changes (e.g., re-budgets, change in PI, etc.)
ASUF DO or DOD (Unit Level – Development Officer or Director of Development)Identification and review of funding opportunities in consultation with Foundation Development and Research and Prospect Management.

Proposal development (may be in consultation with Foundation Development)

May serve as a liaison between PI/Unit and ASUF.
Set up unit-managed gift accounts in ASUF’s Workday system.
ASU Foundation (ASUF)
•Corporate Philanthropy
•Foundation Development
Identification and review of funding opportunities (private)
Proposal development

Obtains ASUF signatures on proposal documents.

Often serves as liaison between PI/RA/Unit, DOD, and funder.
Charitable Agreement TeamSet up ASUF accounts for sponsored research charitable grants in ASUF’s Workday system

Execution of Gift/Charitable Grant Agreements

Coordination with KE Research Operations on “red flag” terms and conditions.
Send notification email with ASUF Workday account information

Provide a copy of award to KE Research Operations
EP Finance TeamQuestions for requesting non-ORSPA Gift ID (accounts)Deposit funds in ASUF’s Workday system
Account Balance and general inquiries

Prepare Invoice for Sponsor/Donor payments for Charitable (Upon Request)

Provide Banking information and wire transfer information

Acknowledge receipt of payment (once funds received)

Notify PI/Unit when funds arrive for a specific charitable grant (Upon Request)
EP Gift AdministrationComplete Donor Demographics
Record and Post Pledge in Salesforce

Record and Post Received Payments in Salesforce

Issue Charitable Gift Receipt
Link Opportunity to Gift at the time of pledge or payment received

Confirms prior awards were received and recorded as intended (Upon Request)
KE Proposal and Negotiation Team (PNT)Proposal review and approval. May perform submission.

May serve as liaison between PI/Unit and Sponsor.

Review of red flag items in draft charitable grant agreements, upon request from Charitable Agreements Team.
KE Post-Award Services (AMT and FOT)Activate ASU sponsored account.

Draw funds from ASUF accounts and post to the ASU sponsored account.

Follow up with funders, submit award change requests, and submit financial reports directly to funders* 
*With the exception of donors that are to be contacted by ASUF only.