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Award/account set up

Post submission tasks

Process used to submit documents requested by sponsor following proposal submission but prior to award. Learn more

Pre-award costs/at risks

An action taken to set up or continue an account where a written award has not been received and/or executed. Learn more

Account setup

Steps taken to set up a separate account for each sponsored award and information on how to determine the set up status of an award. Learn more

Initiate project

Financial Review of the award/account to allow for project to begin. Learn more

Review award with principal investigator 

Discussion with PI regarding the budget and the terms of the project award. Learn more

Review award with principal investigator 

Discussion with PI regarding the budget and the terms of the project award. Learn more

Work instructions

Post submission actions

WI-SN-40 (Post submission actions)

Account set up

WI-AS-01  (Input from units)

Manage subawards

WI-MS-01  (Notification to subawards)
WI-MS-10  (Unit subaward management)
WI-MS-30  (Issuances of new subaward)
WI-MS-60  (Execute and distribute)


ASU At-Risk Request Form

This form is used during pre-award to request an an account to allow work to begin in a timely manner pending receipt of the official award. It is also used during post-award to request time and/or funding to continue work without interruption pending receipt of a modification on an incrementally funded project.‚Äč

Cost/Price Analysis and Sole Source Justification Form – Under 100K

Cost/Price Analysis Form – Commercial or International Subrecipients – Over 100K

Cost/Price Analysis Form – U.S. University or Non-Profit Subrecipients – Over 100K

Investigator and/or allocation changes

This form is used to gather approvals for investigator/allocation changes on existing awards

New account application form

The new account application form is used when requesting set up of a state-funded cost share companion account

New ERA unit request


New ERA unit request

Pdf version of the template for requesting the addition of a new unit to ERA

ERA award change requests

The award change request is an activity in ERA that users can run to initiate requests for award changes including No Cost Extensions, budget changes, etc.

Research infrastructure and facilities space planning

Records information about ASU’s facilities and their usage.

State Cost Sharing Companion Account Appropriation Transfer Calculator


501 Establishment of a sponsored projects account



Program income


Audit readiness

Cost sharing

Effort reporting


Working with the ASU Foundation

Job aids and videos

Understanding your award notice


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