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Unit RA Contacts

Visit the Award and Proposal Contacts by Department report (ASUrite login) to identify unit Pre-Award (proposal support) and unit Post-Award (financial administration) contacts.

Note: ASU Unit staff with research administration responsibilities are referred to as “Research Advancement Administrators (RAs)”.

Post-Award RA Lookup Tool

To find Post-Award RA Contacts, begin typing the unit name in the below search box. A dropdown list will appear for you to choose from. Select the unit name to get results:


  • If you are experiencing difficulty, try limiting input to a partial keyword from the unit title.
  • If you are still unable to locate a unit, please contact [email protected].

Unit Data Updates

Each unit may have up to two staff members with the ERA Unit Administrator role, allowing them to update unit information in the ERA Master Store. A list of current ERA Unit Administrators can be viewed by ASU personnel. See ERA Unit Administrator Guide for more information.