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Determine Proposal Type
Responsibility: Unit-PI
Prepared by: RAS
Work Instruction Number: WI-DP-02


Determine the type of proposal to ensure that RAs know which path to take in the preparation and submission



RA - Research Advancement Administrator

ERA - Enterprise Research Administration

ASU - Arizona State University


For definitions, see Acronyms and Glossary page.



Determine Proposal Type


1) NSF LOI’s do not require institutional commitments, but must be submitted though the FASTLANE portal. RAs should request submission by sending an email to

2) Pre-Proposals entered into ERA will appear in the Current and Pending Report. No ASU record will exist for those not entered.

3) For Renewal and Revision proposals, refer to the Additional Funds for a Sponsored Project page.

4) Typically, proposals should not have a $0 Sponsor Budget total, as only cash awards go through ERA. One exception is for instances where a sponsor requires a cost sharing commitment on non-monetary award (e.g., contributions of products, services, equipment, etc.). When there is a cost sharing commitment with a $0 sponsor budget, process a pre-proposal or full proposal, as appropriate. Questions? Please contact for assistance in determining how a non-monetary proposal should be handled, or (480-965-9065, Option 0) for ERA system questions.


Continue to Create and Route Funding Proposal for further instructions.

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