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Last updated: 07/01/2022 - 8:43am

About this manual

The Process & Work Instructions provide the "how to" detail for Investigators, Research Advancement (RA) staff or ORSPA staff responsible for each step of the Research Administration Process.  The flowcharts on these pages graphically present the overall research administration process with a specific color representation: Maroon for ORSPA responsibilities, Gold for Unit responsibilities, and Grey for PI responsibilities that cannot be delegated to RA staff.

Table of contents

Table of contents for the work instructions by process: 

Define Opportunity:

WI-DO-01 Identify funding

WI-DO-05 Locate and select funding opportunity

WI-DO-10 Screen RFPs for eligibility

WI-DO-20 Provide tools and training

WI-DO-50 Submit internal proposal

WI-DO-60 Review and select internal proposals

Develop Proposal:

WI-DP-01 Review Funding Opportunity Announcement

WI-DP-02 Determine Proposal Type

WI-DP-03 Prepare Proposal Checklist

WI-DP-04 Create and Route Funding Proposal

WI-DP-05 Craft Technical Proposal

WI-DP-06 Complete Proposal

WI-DP-07 Review Final Proposal

WI-DP-08 Request Proposal Submission

WI-DP-09 Cancel Proposal Submission

Submit and Negotiate:

WI-SN-10 Review proposal

WI-SN-40 Post submission actions

WI-SN-53 Proposal closeout

WI-SN-60 Task request

WI-SN-65 Task assignment

WI-SN-70 Negotiation

WI-SN-75 Execute and distribute

Award Setup:

WI-AS-01 Input from Units

WI-AS-10 Input from PNT, IAG, and AMT

WI-AS-15 Notification tasks

WI-AS-40 Verification of request

WI-AS-50 Activate account(s)

WI-AS-70 Account Notification

Manage Subawards:

WI-MS-01 Notification to subawards

WI-MS-10 Unit subaward management

WI-MS-30 Issuance of new subaward

WI-MS-60 Execute & distribute

WI-MS-70 Subrecipient monitoring

WI-MS-80 Invoicing

WI-MS-100 Modifications

WI-MS-110 Termination & closeout

Execute Project:

WI-EP-10 Initiate project 

WI-EP-60 Account monitoring

WI-EP-70 Account monitoring

WI-EP-110 Submit invoice

WI-EP-30 Letter of credit draw

WI-EP-40 Monitor and pursue collections

WI-EP-45 Cost share funding

WI-EP-130 Manage change

WI-EP-140 Review change request and prepare package

Close Out:

WI-CP-01 Closeout project

WI-CP-10 Final invoice and reports

WI-CP-20 Close and archive accounts

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