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Responsibility: ORSPA-PNT
Prepared by: PNT
Work Instruction Number: WI-SN-60

This Work Instruction provides guidance for requesting a task for an incoming award, subaward, or agreement that will require review and negotiation by Proposals and Negotiations Team (PNT) or by Industry Agreements Group (IAG).

1. Log into ERA and select the “Agreements” tab.  Anyone with an ASURITE ID can request a task except for Subawards related tasks, which is an internal process to Research Operations.

2. Click Agreements. Then click the All button tab and search for existing tasks to ensure a task has not already been created for the action you want to request.

3. Click Create task request button.

4. Complete questions 1.0 through 10.0 as best as possible.

Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fill-ins.

Use the Select button or enter information in the field and select from the drop down menu.

The ERA Help button at the top of the page, and the Question mark provide further clarification of the information required.

When the Funding Proposal Reference Number is entered in question 1.0, questions 2.0, 4.0, 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0 will pre-populate with data from the ERA Grants Proposal module.

If the task is not related to an FP number, no fields will pre-populate and all pertinent fields will need to be entered.

If Agreement Type for question 5.0 is unknown, select “Unknown”. Selecting certain Agreement Types, will pull in other fields to complete or bring you to an Additional Information page to complete. Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fill-ins.

If Sponsor/Outside Party under question 6.0 doesn’t appear on your search, type in the Sponsor/Outside Party name and point of contact information and select Sponsor Type (Federal, Industry, or Non-Profit) in the provided spaces below the question.

Question 10.0 allows for Sponsor Related Documents (including emails) to be attached in the task request.

  • Attach documents by clicking on Add button, type in the Title if desired, and click “Browse” to find the file where the document is located.
  • When the file is located, highlight the document you want to attach, and click “Open” (the file path will appear in the File window), and click “OK”.
  • If more than one document needs to be attached, click “OK and Add Another” and follow the “Add” steps above.
  • The attached documents will appear in question 10.0.

5. When questions have been completed, click Continue button.

6. You may receive the following warning:

If this is not a duplicate task, click to disable the duplicate task warning and click Continue button.

7. A Task Confirmation page will display that identifies the ERA generated Task ID number.  A Research Operations Grant and Contract Officer (GCO) will be assigned to the task by the next business day.

Subaward related tasks will be assigned to a GCO or Student Worker to begin the verification process.

The status is changed to Verification button when assigned.

8. To view the current status of the tasks you requested or are identified as the Principal Investigator (PI) or Research Administrator (RA) log into ERA, select Agreements button, and go to your My inbox button tab.