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Work Instruction Number: WI-SN-55

When there is a preliminary notice of award and while negotiations are ongoing, the Research Administrator (RA) should begin to resolve space issues, in conjunction with the PI, to ensure that when work begins on the program, the required space is available.

The following steps are to be taken by the RA for resolving space issues:

  1. Review the proposal for information relative to space requirements, arrangements, and agreements.
  2. Consult with the PI as to the needs, status and availability of space.
  3. Resolve with the PI and other parties any space issues.
  4. Assist in making space available prior to start of work on the project.
  5. During negotiations, if you receive an e-mail from ORSPA Pre-Award regarding space requirements and private use, please work with the PI to promptly provide the facility name(s) and room number(s) of any space to be used for the project.