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Responsibility: ORSPA-AMT
Prepared by: AMT
Work Instruction Number: WI-MS-110

Notification of Closeout or Termination

Prepare and Send Closeout Documents

Review Signed Closeout Documents

Close Subaward Purchase Order


The processes shown below summarize the high-level steps which need to occur when closing out a subaward and the related subaward account.  The Subaward Closeout Job Aid provides additional detail to the steps below.

Notification of closeout or termination

  1. A Subaward Closeout task is initiated 30 days before the obligation end date. Tasks are system-generated on a monthly basis and default to a status of “Not Started”; see WI-CP-05 Generate Monthly Pre-Final List. The AMT GCO may also create a subaward closeout task in the SharePoint AMT Task List, as necessary.
  2. The AMT GCO reviews the Subaward Closeout task prior to its termination, and determines if the subaward is ready to closeout.
    1. Subawards ready to closeout: Update the task fields and comments. Change the task status to “Subaward – Initial Setup to notify students that closeout documents should be requested.
    2. Subawards awaiting modification: Change task ‘Status’ to Deferred and confirm that an award modification task in Sharepoint is in progress. (see WI-EP-140).
    3. Delete the “Subaward Closeout” task after the modification task has been completed and all changes to the ERA accounts are completed.
    4. Early termination closeouts (“early Closeout with POP modification”): PNT will submit closeout documents to the subrecipient with the modification of agreement to terminate the subaward. Include comments within the “Subaward Notes” section of the Sharepoint modification task: “Please obtain closeout documents and terminate subaward #XX-XXX, Acct# ABCXXXX”.

Prepare and send closeout documents

AMT student worker will initiate the following actions on subaward closeout tasks with a status of “Initial Set-up” using the Subaward Closeout Job Aid:

  1. Confirm Pre-Final closeout actions have occurred for the subaward account in ERA. (See Fiscal Reconciliation Job Aid).
    1. ERA will automatically Expire an Account after 45 days past the End Date.
    2. If there is a need to Expire an Account before the 45 days. Do so by running the appropriate Activity.
    3. My Current Actions: Expire Account Manually
  2. Create “Closeout” folder in Sharepoint
  3. Prepare the subaward closeout documents and save the electronic file to the Subaward Closeout folder in SharePoint..
    1. Send the closeout documents to the subrecipient, approximately on the current termination date of the award. Use email template, “Request Closeout-Initial Request to Subrecipient”, located in the ACCTG Subaward Closeouts folder in Sharepoint.
  4. Update the AMT task and File email sent to subrecipient in the Sharepoint Subaward “Closeout” folder:
    1. Update the task “Description”, “Status” and “Follow-up Date” fields. See Subaward Closeout Job Aid for guidance).
    2. Save the task.
  5. In the event the subrecipient does not return the closeout documents after two follow-up attempts, open the task and make the following changes:
    1. Change status to GCO follow-up.
    2. Update notes in the task.
  6. The AMT GCO will manage follow-up for tasks flagged as ‘Status’ = “GCO-Follow-up”. (See Subaward Closeout Job Aid).

Review signed closeout documents

  1. Signed Closeout Documents are received into the public inbox, [email protected] and the signed documents are processed by the AMT Student Worker unless assistance is required of the AMT GCO.
  2. Upon receipt of completed and signed Closeout Documents (or Administrative Closeout Memorandum), save the fully executed documents to the Sharepoint subaward “Closeout” folder and update ERA Subawards Module.
    1. Open the sub agreement record in the ERA Subawards Module. On the “Closeout” tab, record the “Receipt Date” for each document received.
  3. Perform review and distribution of the closeout documents. (See Subaward Closeout Job Aid: Process Fully-Executed Closeout Documents)
    1. Verify documents have been processed:
      1. Properly completed with signatures.
      2. Filed in the Sharepoint “Closeout” folder.
      3. If a ‘Final’ invoice has been received, approved and payment has been posted to the subaccount. The final invoice should not be paid until Closeout Documents are received from the subrecipient. (See WI-MS-80 for additional guidance.)
      4. ‘Positive’ reports of Inventory and/or Inventions (IP) are sent to the AMT AD.
  4. Update the subaward closeout task “Comments”

Close subaward purchase Order (PO)

AMT student worker proceeds to complete the following steps:

  1. Confirm all pending payments to the subrecipient have been posted to the account.
  2. Verify the PO has been closed by Accounts Payable:
    1. Verify the PO balance and closeout date on Advantage “OPHD” screen. Use the 11-digit “SC#” found in the ERA Subawards Module record.
    2. If the “OPHD” screen for this PO does not have a date next to the “Closed Date” field, send Accounts Payable-Purchasing the Request to Close PO email.
  3. Review Advantage G-210 report “Funds Available”. Determine if there are unused funds greater than $1.00. If necessary, initiate transfer of the unused funds back to the parent account by sending an email to notifications. Include the G210 screenshot and request a task to be created for the GCO. Do not proceed to Step 4 until confirmation is received back from Purchasing.
  4. When the PO has been confirmed “closed”, either by review of Advantage or confirmation of request to Purchasing, then proceed to final review of subaward closure in ERA Subawards. (See Subaward Closeout Job Aid for detailed guidance.)
    1. Ensure that the Amount Released amount in ERA confirmed by the subrecipient on the “Subrecipient Release” form = Advantage G-210 report of direct costs.
    2. Update the “Subaward Closeout” task “Description” and “Status” fields. ‘Status’= “Subaward – GCO Approval” to reassign the task back to the GCO for final review.

AMT GCO – Final review of closeout documents

  • Verify that the ASU-issued subaward is Expired in the ERA Subawards Module.
  • All preceding steps for WI-MS-110 have been completed accurately.

AMT GCO Proceed to WI-CP-10 to complete the final financial review and closeout of the subaward account in the ERA Subawards Module.