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Responsibility: ORSPA-AMT
Prepared by: AMT
Work Instruction Number: WI-EP-70

This work instruction contains the following sections:

Processing Cost Transfers (Payroll and Non-Payroll)

Approving Documents sent from ASU Accounts Payable

Unit F&A Reconciliations and Adjustment Requests

Documenting Cost Share

Reconciling Consortium Accounts

Processing cost transfers (payroll and non-payroll)

Per FIN 203, units are required to review expenses on their department accounts, including sponsored accounts, at least on a monthly basis. During this review, if an inappropriate expenditure is discovered on a sponsored account, it must be removed via cost transfer. The job aids described below outline the processes for reviewing and approving cost transfers.

1. For payroll expenses, a payroll redistribution is completed in PeopleSoft and reviewed by ORSPA’s Fiscal Oversight Team (FOT.) See Job Aid – Reviewing and Approving Sponsored Projects Payroll Redistributions for detailed instructions.

2. For non-payroll expenses, a Workday transaction (Accounting Adjustment, Accounting Journal) is prepared and those debiting grants are routed to AMT for review. See Job Aid – Reviewing and Approving Non-Payroll Cost Transfer Requests for detailed instructions.

Approving Documents sent from ASU Accounts Payable

In addition to cost transfers, there are financial transactions (directly charged to sponsored accounts) that require ORSPA approval, which include Expense Reports (EXPs), Accounting Adjustments/Journals, supplier or vendor invoices, wire transfers, etc. Transactions will route to ORSPA for the following reasons:

  • Transactions that are not subawards, not a purchase order, and are over $5,000.
  • Any invoice over $25,000 that is associated with an open purchase order.
  • Subaward invoices over $50,000.
  • Supplier invoices for gift cards, interviewee airfare, interviewee expenses, moving expenses, or food.
  • Expense reports – $1,000 or more, or if reimbursement is for moving expenses, gift cards, interviewee airfare, interviewee expenses, food, or office equipment non-capital.

Review the transaction to verify the expense(s) being paid meet the requirements set forth in Job Aid – Sponsored Projects Allowability. Any exceptions will need to be approved by the AMT Assistant Director.

Unit F&A reconciliations and adjustment requests

Units should complete F&A reconciliations on each of their sponsored accounts as part of their monthly reviews. These F&A reconciliations are intended to provide accurate account balances to PIs only, and manual F&A adjustment requests should not be submitted to AMT. If an F&A error of +/- $100.00 is discovered, units should submit their reconciliation and request for adjustment to the Service Liaison AMT GCO. For ASUF awards, interim F&A reconciliations should not be processed.  Unit staff should only be concerned about the direct cost budget available to spend.


Review the F&A adjustment request. If an adjustment is required, process via Reprocess Award Costs or Accounting Journal in Workday. Note: F&A adjustments needed to correct F&A because of errors found in Advantage (i.e., on or before 06/30/2018) must be completed with Accounting Journals.

Documenting cost share

Refer to Job Aid – Documenting Cost Sharing.

Reconciling consortium accounts

Refer to Job Aid – Consortium Quarterly Review.