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Responsibility: ORSPA-AMT
Prepared by: AMT
Work Instruction Number: WI-CP-10


The purpose of this work instruction and relevant job aids are to document the process for preparing final invoices and financial reports. The process details the steps in preparing the backup documentation, completing the final invoice or financial report template, and processing the final account adjustments. The expectation is that all final invoices and financial reports are submitted by the sponsor’s due date. The Team Lead should be promptly notified in the event circumstances arise which prevent the final invoice or financial report from being submitted on-time.

Prepare Final invoice/financial report

Prepare final invoice/ financial report

ORSPA Post-Award Services performs a final reconciliation on all sponsored projects. Final invoices and financial reports are then submitted to external sponsors on behalf of ASU. If the sponsor does not require a final invoice or report, the final reconciliation is calculated for internal documentation. Requirements for tracking the due dates for these final reports are listed in the award documents and related sponsor terms and conditions. ASU’s ERA system will have a deliverable due, after the period of performance ends, on each ERA AWD # for the final reconciliation, invoice or financial report. Invoices and reports are prepared based on financial expenditures in Workday and allowable facilities and administrative costs. Invoices are created in Workday to represent the amount requested for payment by the sponsor. These Workday invoices are displayed on each Workday AWD #. Invoices and financial reports sent to sponsors are in the format that the sponsor requires and may vary from the Workday invoice format. The submission method is via email, US Mail, electronic portal or federal payment system. The final reconciliation, invoices, reports and submission emails are saved in the award SparePoint folders. Follow detailed Work Instructions.