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This is an electronic gateway for the submission, review and negotiation of incoming and outgoing agreements for research at Arizona State University.

Overview of services

Under the umbrella of Research Operations – Knowledge Enterprise, are the Proposals and Negotiations Team and Industry Agreements Group.

Task request

Visit the Task Request page for guidance on requesting a task for an incoming award or agreement that will require review and negotiation by PNT or IAG.

Create a task walk-through

This is currently under development and a link will be provided.

Agreement types and definitions

View the Agreement Types and Definitions template document.

Agreement states and definitions

Agreement workflow

Workflow illustration shows process for ERA users and agreements managers.  See description in link below the image for the Workflow States and Transitions.

View the explanation of the above diagram in Workflow States and Transitions document.

User interface flow

View the User Interface Flow diagram.

Frequently asked questions

Q: The agreement received is tied to a COEUS Proposal Number. How do I represent this in ERA Agreements?

A:  When creating the task, include the number in the brief description field. 

Q: The agreement received is with multiple parties. How do I represent this in ERA Agreements?

A:  This typically occurs with NDAs. When creating the task, include “multiple parties” in the sponsor field.

Q:  I am unsure of the agreement type. What option should I select?

A:  Select, “Unknown” from the Agreement type field and the assigned Grant and Contract Officer will update.

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