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An ERA Proposal is required each time an existing award is modified for additional funding which has not been documented in the Proposals Module of ERA Grants.

When should a revision funding proposal be processed?

  • Is this an increment of funding that was anticipated in the original proposal?
    • If yes, you’re all set. A new Rev FP is not necessary.
    • If no, has an FP already been completed for these additional funds?
      • If yes, you’re all set. A new Rev FP is not necessary.
      • If no, complete a Rev FP to document the additional SOW and additional funding that will be obligated on the award.

*Note the following definitions:

  • FP is ERA Funding proposal. 
  • Revision is referring to supplemental funds. FP to add funding to an existing award.
  • Anticipated is referring to future funding documented in Notice of Award or award agreement.
  • Obligated is referring to dollars committed to the current project period. 
  • Scope of work is referring to a detailed description of the work to be accomplished, including: who, what, when, where, and how. 

How do I create and complete a revision in ERA?

  • Navigate to the original awarded proposal and click the “new revision supplement” button.
    Note: This button is only available to the current RA Contact. To change the RA Contact on an ERA FP site, run the “Assign RA Ownership” activity.
  • Once a revision proposal has been created, the RA will navigate to their My Inbox to access the new revision proposal.
  • The RA will review each SmartForm in the ERA FP and make updates as needed. For example: 
    • Have any special review items changed?
    • Have any personnel been removed from the award?
    • Do the FP allocations match the official allocations on the ERA Award?
    • Has a Project Summary/Abstract been uploaded to document the scope of work for this new funding?
  • The RA will complete the proposal process by following the appropriate work instruction as outlined in the scenarios below:
    • Applicant-initiated request for additional funds = follow steps 2-20 of the Full Proposal work instructions
    • Sponsor-initiated award modification with additional funds = follow step 1, and steps 3-13 of the After-the-Fact Proposal work instructions

The ERA Funding Proposal Guide provides information to assist with review/completion of the SmartForms.

Other frequently asked questions

  • What is included in the definition of additional funds?
    Funds requested and/or received in support of an active sponsored project, including supplements and continuations not part of the original proposal.
  • Can the allocation of REC/RID/IIA on a Revision proposal be different from the existing award allocations?
    No. Allocations of REC/RID/IIA are maintained at the Award level, not at the account level. The RA should check the current allocations on the existing award, and prepare the allocation table in the Revision FP to match. If a change is needed to the allocations on the award, the RA will follow WI-EP-130 to prepare and route, an Internal Allocation Change (IAC) via the Award Change Request feature within the ERA Award site. (Note: A separate Award Change Request to update named Personnel on the award may need to be completed prior to the IAC).
  • Why must Revision proposals be created by clicking the New Revision button?
    The “New Revision (Supplement)” button copies the FP SmartForm entries from the original proposal AND uses the same FP number, with a _Rev suffix added (e.g., FP00013040_Rev1).

    The “_Rev” suffix prompts AMT/ERA Awards to pull the Revision proposal, and the associated award modification, into an existing award in ERA Awards. New and Renewal FPs result in a new, separate ERA Award site.
  • When processing a second Revision for the same existing award, should the RA start from the original proposal or from the most recent Revision proposal?
    The RA should navigate to the original awarded proposal in ERA and click the Create New Revision (Supplement) button from there. This will prompt ERA to assign a “_Rev2” suffix to the new Revision FP. The same process should be followed for 3rd, 4th, 5th Revisions, and so on – always start from the original, awarded proposal in ERA to create a revision for the associated award. 
  • If a Principal Investigator or RA receive a modification to an existing award that provides additional funding for a sponsored project, what steps should be taken?
    The RA will create a Revision proposal in ERA, and follow the After-the-Fact (ATF) proposal instructions to complete the proposal process. The RA will use the Notify PNT activity to let the assigned Proposal GCO know there is an award, and the Proposal GCO will coordinate review of the award document(s) while the RA processes the proposal.
  • What do I do if subaward costs on a Revision proposal should not be included in the F&A rate base (because the first $25K has already been assessed F&A on the existing award)?
    A workaround will need to be used for the FP budget. Get support from colleagues by posting on the ERA Help channel in MS Teams.
  • If a sponsor award amount is only slightly more than the budget amount proposed, is a Revision proposal required?
    If the additional funding is $1,000 or less, a Revision proposal is not required. AMT will process the award or modification.
  • Can supplemental funds be added to an expired award?
    Yes, if/when appropriate. Contact AMT to reactivate the ERA Award and process a Revision FP.
  • My original FP proposed a budget of $100K, but the initial award only provided $80K for the project. Now the sponsor is providing an additional $50K to expand the Scope of Work. Should my revision FP be for $50K (the full amount of the award mod), or only $30K (the difference between my original FP and the new total award obligation)?
    The revision FP should match the associated award modification (in this case, $50,000). This will ensure that the revision FP appropriately captures the full amount of additional funds that the sponsor has obligated for the expanded scope of work.
  • If the increase in funding comes with additional scope of work or a change to the scope of work, is PNT review of the amendment/modification required?
    Yes. Changes to the scope of work may affect the terms and what might now be applicable. The Contracts Functional Group should manage review/negotiation/signature of award amendments that change the scope of work. Once the amendment is fully-executed, CFG will forward it for AMT processing.
  • What if I still have questions or have an unusual circumstance?
    Get support from colleagues by posting on the ERA Help channel in MS Teams.

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