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Purpose: To provide a resource with comprehensive information on international collaborations and engagement.

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Arizona State University (ASU) supports academic freedom and the ability to exchange ideas and collaborate with foreign partners to advance knowledge. We are committed to supporting collaborations with international partners, faculty and researchers from all over the world. It is of great importance for us to maintain our productive relationship with the United States Government and the federal funding agencies that support our faculty in their research and scholarly work. Many federal funding agencies have shared concerns regarding failure to disclose foreign relationships and activities, which could jeopardize future funding.

As most federal funding agencies have released further guidance and this information may continue to change we have compiled the related resources and developed best practices for disclosing foreign relationships and activities.

Our comprehensive approach will help support consistency, transparency and compliance among our faculty and staff, and will help meet the requirements of our federal funding agencies.

National Institutes of Health (NIH)
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Additional Federal Funding Agencies Information
Best Practices for Foreign Relationships and Activities
  • ASU faculty and staff are required to be transparent and provide full disclosure about all funded or unfunded collaborations and affiliations (e.g. biosketches, current and pending, other support documents and Just-in-Time responses) with foreign entities to external funding agencies as required by federal agency guidance and policies.
  • To fully and accurately disclose domestic and foreign engagements to ASU, including equity interests in foreign entities. If you need to update your conflict of interest financial disclosure, contact ASU Research Operations at
  • Ensure that any material transfers, data sharing and confidential information is covered by an agreement. Contact OIRC at should you need assistance with the development of an agreement.
  • Be aware of and follow Peer Review regulations including confidentiality provisions related to the content provided during the review.
  • Obtain export control review for incoming and outgoing collaborations, including traveling abroad. Contact
  • Obtain Restricted Party Screening of foreign collaborators and including foreign visitors. Contact
Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I have been approached by a domestic or foreign entity for an appointment (e.g. Visiting, Adjunct, Honorarium), who should I discuss this with?

Please contact your Research Administrator (RA) so they can coordinate and facilitate with your departmental leadership and the Office of Research Integrity and Assurance (ORIA)

Note: Your Dean’s Office needs to be aware of any proposed arrangement(s) before entering into any of them.


2. Are there foreign activities, which should be disclosed to ASU and Federal Sponsors? Yes, those activities may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Consultancy agreements

  • Salary, living, lodging, research space or other reimbursements

  • Travel Funds

  • Ownership in a foreign company

  • Research Collaboration (e.g. funded or unfunded) and/or affiliations


3. If it has come to my attention that a disclosure needs to be made to ASU and/or a Sponsor that hasn’t been previously reported, how should I manage disclosure at this time?

Contact Executive Director, Research Operations, to discuss how to best work through the best way to correct this omission or error


4. I am working and/or collaborating with another institution – domestic or foreign? How do I disclose this to ASU and/or a Sponsor?

This work is considered outside activity. For ASU, it is required to be disclosed through our COI process. Please contact

For Sponsors, this activity should be disclosed in Current and Pending, Annual Reports, Just-In-Time, etc. Please work with your Research Advancement contact (RA).


5. Should foreign affiliations be included on my Biosketch?

Yes, all affiliations – domestic and foreign - should be included on your Biosketch.


6. If I am contacted by a Sponsor regarding a past or current foreign engagement, how should I respond?

Do not respond directly. These responses need to come from the Institution. Please contact and Executive Director, Research Operations


7. A Sponsor – domestic or foreign – has requested information outside of what I am required to provide under an agreement; how should I respond?

Please contact your Research Administrator (RA), so they can work with a Contracts Officer within ASU Office for Research and Sponsored Projects Administration (ORSPA)


8. If I have/will have foreign visitors (Scholars, Engineers, Scientists, Students, etc.) visiting ASU now or in the near future, what actions do I need to take?

Please contact your Research Administrator (RA) so they can coordinate and facilitate with your departmental leadership and the Office of Research Integrity and Assurance (ORIA)


Related Resources

Export Control Wizard - Export controls may apply when you send an item, information or software outside the United States’ borders or when you share it with "foreign persons or entities" inside the United States. This tool has been designed to assist investigators in determining if an export license is needed.

Export Control ASU Research and Sponsored Projects Policy (RSP) 214: Export Control:

Background: It is the goal of the university to allow faculty both to explore freely their research interests and disseminate their research results. The university also wishes to allow faculty to collaborate freely with their international colleagues in the conduct of fundamental research and to allow foreign researchers and graduate students to participate in university research projects. However, the university must pursue these goals in accordance with applicable US export control laws and regulations.

Policy: All university personnel engaged in sponsored or non-sponsored research of any scope and duration are responsible for reviewing, prior to beginning such research, applicable export control regulations to determine whether any aspect of the research is subject to the regulations and, if so, whether any exclusion or exemption is available or whether a license must be obtained as a condition of conducting the research.Determinations are re-evaluated prior to any subsequent changes in the terms of sponsorship, the scope of work, or the personnel involved in the research.

Objectivity in Research-Disclosure of Financial Interests and Management of Conflicts of Interest ASU Research Policy
ASU Policy to address reporting of interactions with public or private sources outside the university and disclosures of conflicting financial of interest.

International Collaborations and Travel
Guidance to understand export controls and travel restrictions when facilitating international engagements.

Conducting Business Internationally
Addresses frequently asked questions related to contracting, operations, appropriate planning for expenses.

Global Operations
Resources for ASU faculty and staff to conduct international business.

Foreign Travel
Addresses frequently asked questions regarding foreign travel.

ASU Travel
University travel to foreign destinations may require institutional review. Specific prior approval is required for travel to  sanctioned countries (Cuba, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and Iran). In light of the concern expressed by our federal partners related to foreign engagement support is also provided for travel to China, Hong Kong, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Taiwan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. If a license is required ASU Research Operations will contact the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of Treasury for the traveler to obtain the necessary license which may take upwards of 6 months to obtain. Research Operations will provide travel letters and support for obtaining licenses from the U.S. Department of Commerce or U.S. Department of State when necessary. Contact ASU Research Operations at if you have questions and for information.

If I have questions, who should I talk to?

Questions about information above or export compliance should be directed to

Inquiries from external funding agencies related to international engagements or requests for institutional endorsements such as letters of support should be directed to Research Operations Executive Director, Heather Clark at

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