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06/18/2018 - 12:50pm

What is a Recharge Center?

Recharge centers are entities within the university that provide fee-based services to the ASU research community. Most commonly, these are laboratory-based core facilities, but a variety of non-laboratory centers also exist.  Although recharge centers typically offer services to non-ASU customers, the majority of users are ASU affiliates.
To determine if a unit qualifies as a Recharge Center, consult the guide.  Units interested in providing External Sales activities should refer to FIN 213.  Internal Sales Units, Service Centers, and Specialized Service Facilities not servicing sponsored projects should contact Edalia Kousari in Financial Services for assistance.

Who oversees Recharge Centers activity?

For assistance with developing rates or for general questions regarding recharge activity, email recharge [dot] help [at] asu [dot] edu
OKED Research Operations/Fiscal Oversight will provide centralized administrative support to recharge centers, providing necessary forms, approving billing rates, and ensuring regular review of accounts. OKED Research Operations/Fiscal Oversight, OKED Facilities, and OKED Knowledge Informatics will provide web-based assistance and information to facilitate recharge center management. Each major unit (Fulton, CLAS, Biodesign) will designate a Unit Recharge Coordinator, who will work with the recharge center managers to prepare and submit documents for establishment of new centers, approval of rates, or review of existing centers to OKED Research Operations. Degree of subsidy of billing rates to ASU users will be determined by the unit providing the subsidy. If a unit does not fall under one of the colleges listed below, inquiries regarding recharge activities may be submitted to recharge [dot] help [at] asu [dot] edu, and either Fiscal Oversight or one of the designated Recharge Coordinators will respond.
Unit Recharge Coordinators
College Name/Title Contact Information

Fulton Engineering

Geralyn Lux, Associate Director,
Business Services, Fulton Schools of Engineering

Gerri [dot] Lux [at] asu [dot] edu


Office of the Dean, Research Initiatives

clas [dot] research [at] asu [dot] edu


Ryan Given, Fiscal Specialist,
Biodesign Research Operations

RGiven@mainex1 [at] asu [dot] edu

Substantive changes to or deviations from the established Cost Accounting Guidelines require prior approval from representatives of the following offices:
  • OKED Fiscal Oversight
  • OKED Research Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Financial Services

Additional information to assist in developing recharge center rates is included on the Requirements tab.
Included below are links to more information regarding internal resources and governing policy for recharge activities.

ASU Shared Resources 
Looking for an instrument or expert technical staff to assist with research? Need to schedule time at a core lab? Need a facility description for an upcoming proposal? View the ASU Shared Resources site for a full list of active recharge and departmental service centers.

Advantage Billing System 
Advantage Billings System (ABS) is used by recharge centers to bill for services. Additional training resources for ABS are included here: ASU Research Facilities.

State and University policies regarding sales and services to non-ASU entities

Sponsored Project vs. External Sales Guidelines Questionnaire

Arizona Revised Statute 41-2753 - Competition with private enterprise by community colleges and universities; limitations; rules; complaints

ABOR Policy 1-105 - Competition with Private Enterprise

ASU FIN 213 - Establishment of Resale Activities to the General Public

ASU FIN 108 - Sales Tax

ASU FIN 122 - Unrelated Business Income Tax - UBIT

ASU FIN 126 - Private Use of University Facilities

Link to Federal policy applicable to recharge centers

2 CFR 200 (Uniform Guidance)