Recharge Centers

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Recharge Center Overview

Recharge Centers are facilities within the university that offer their services, for a fee to the ASU community, and in some instance to non–ASU Users.  They fall into four portfolio types as determined by their function: Professional and Space Services, Lab Services, Computer and Data Management, and Production and Inventory.

ASU's Core Research Facilities and other resources, offered through individual ASU units, support a wide array of research through the equipment, specialized services and expert consultation and training.  

There are more than a 100 of these core facilities, labs, shops, clinics, museums and collections available to the ASU community.  

Description of Services

For information about the facilities available, visit the Core Facilities and Other Unit Resources page.   These descriptions are not only useful in determining what facilities might be appropriate to the research being done but they also provide:

  • a breakdown of recharge information based on portfolio type
  • specific elements about services
  • information about how to obtain services
  • Workday program account cross-walks

Investigators and Research Advancement Administrators (RAs) are encouraged to include detailed descriptions of services provided by recharge centers in preparing proposal facilities and resource statements.

Establishing a Recharge Center

Units interested in providing services to sponsored projects should contact their unit Recharge Coordinator (see below) or write, if the unit is not listed with a coordinator.

Unit/Area Name/Title Contact Information
OKED Christine Belger, Assistant Director, Operations, OKED Core Facilities

(480) 727-9828

Fulton Engineering

Geralyn Lux, Associate Director,
Business Services, Fulton Schools of Engineering



Jessica Boydston, Executive Administrative Support Specialist, Office of the Dean, Research Initiatives


Ryan Given, Fiscal Specialist,
Biodesign Research Operations


Substantive changes to or deviations from the established Cost Accounting Guidelines require prior approval from representatives of the following offices:
  • OKED Research Operations' Fiscal Oversight (FOT)
  • OKED Research Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Financial Services

Additional information to assist in developing recharge center rates is included on the Requirements tab of this site.

Oversight of Recharge Centers involving Sponsored Projects

OKED Research Operations' Fiscal Oversight Team provides administrative support to recharge centers by:

  • furnishing necessary forms 
  • providing set-up assistance 
  • approving billing rates
  • ensuring regular review of accounts.

Additionally, OKED Facilities and OKED Knowledge Informatics, provide web-based assistance and information to facilitate recharge center management.

Recharge Coordinators:

  • Field inquiries and requests to establish new recharge centers
  • Route requests that are supported by the college to the FOT Cost Analysis Team (CAT)
  • Assist new centers through start-up process:
    • Assist center staff with completing the rate development tool
      • CAT is able to assist with this function as needed
    • Development of rate justification
    • Route rates for appropriate unit approvals
    • Provide advice on accounting structure
  • Coordinate use of billing systems
    • Internal Service Provider/Delivery (Workday)
    • iLab (OKED Core Facilities can provide assistance as needed)
  • Coordinate cost-share commitments involving recharge centers
  • Serve as custodian of recharge center data
    • Ensure recharge center is charging only approved rates
    • Ensure backup documentation for sales and subsidies is appropriately stored
    • Assist CAT with regular rate reviews and updates
    • Assist CAT with gathering recharge-related data needed for F&A rate development

Non-Sponsored Internal ASU Only Sales 

Those who seek to provide internal services to non-sponsored projects only, should contact Rachel Braten in Financial Services. 

External Sales 

Units who wish to provide external sales activity may refer to FIN213 and for additional information. Questions related to contract terms and conditions may be directed through the facility manager for the specific resource to the Office of Industry and Research Collaborations at

Federal Guidelines for Recharge Centers Serving Sponsored Projects

2 CFR 200 (Uniform Guidance)

ABOR/ASU Policies Related to Sales/Services to Non-ASU Entities

Sponsored Project vs. External Sales Guidelines Questionnaire

Arizona Revised Statute 41-2753 - Competition with private enterprise by community colleges and universities; limitations; rules; complaints

ABOR Policy 1-105 - Competition with Private Enterprise

ASU FIN 213 - Establishment of Resale Activities to the General Public

ASU FIN 108 - Sales Tax

ASU FIN 122 - Unrelated Business Income Tax - UBIT

ASU FIN 126 - Private Use of University Facilities

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