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Joint funding programs for ASU and Mayo Clinic faculty

Mayo Clinic and ASU support several jointly funded programs to promote collaborative research, including the Seed Grant, Acceleration Grant, Team Science Grant, and the Faculty Summer Residency Program. Learn more about these programs and how to apply.

Seed grant program

The Mayo Clinic and ASU Research Collaboration offers a Seed Grant Program to encourage new collaborative research projects between Arizona State University and Mayo Clinic investigators. Consideration is given to all projects, especially those in research areas of strategic importance to the Mayo Clinic and ASU relationship: cancer, neuroscience technology, metabolic disease/obesity and aging. This includes special focus on the following capabilities: biovisualization, molecular and medical detection and imaging, biomedical informatics, health care delivery and disease management, and regenerative and rehabilitative medicine. This is an annual program.

For ASU-Mayo Seed Grant proposals, a project budget is only required if the proposal is selected for funding. As such, an ERA Funding Proposal should not be completed at the time of submission.

After submission of the proposal and when an award will be made, the RA will Create and Route Funding Proposal, using the “After the Fact Proposal” instructions with some minor adjustments as noted here:

  1. Select “ASU-Mayo Seed Grant” as the sponsor.
  2. On FP smartform 1.1 Proposal Description and Contacts Q9.0 upload the Notice of Award.
  3. On FP 1.2 Q5, indicate that the unit/department will submit the proposal.
  4. When creating the budget in ERA, please do not include Mayo funds. Only the ASU portion of funds should be included in ERA.
  5. After the remainder of the directions are followed, the RA will route for department reviews and then “Forward for PNT Review” letting the GCO know that this is an ATF, the award is here, and a budget has been created. Upload the final Sponsor Bundle and submission confirmation when forwarding to PNT.
  6. Once notified, the PFG GCO will create a SPA task with the award letter.
  7. The RA will need to follow-up with department reviewers to ensure the proposal site can be awarded.

Acceleration grant program

The Mayo Clinic Kern Center for the Science of Healthcare Delivery in Arizona and Arizona State University have teamed up to provide next stage research development funds to joint partnerships previously funded by intramural mechanisms at either institution, or by prior extramural pilot funding. The purpose of this funding is to develop the next stage of the research agenda of high-yield Mayo Clinic and ASU scientific teams working in the science of healthcare delivery. This is an annual program.

It is suggested (but not required) that an ERA “Pre-Proposal (No Signatures required)” be created. Follow the instructions in Create and Route Proposal.

Note:  Any member of the proposal team, including RAs, may submit the LOI on behalf of eligible PIs.

Team Science grant program

The Team Science Collaboration aims to foster multidisciplinary teams jointly led by faculty from both institutions to develop high-impact, transformative solutions to address unmet clinical needs of patients. As a mechanism to encourage such activity, leaders from both institutions established the Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University Team Science Grants in biomedical sensing, functional restoration and biomedical imaging/informatics. 

Prior to submission of the proposal, the RA will Create and Route Funding Proposal, using the “Full Proposal” Instructions with some minor adjustments as noted here:

  1. List “Mayo” as the sponsor
  2. On FP 1.2. Question 5, indicate that the unit/department will submit the proposal.
  3. Enter ONLY the ASU budget into ERA
  4. Complete Proposal Review and Request Proposal Submission
  5. The assigned GCO will run the activity “Review Update/Complete.”
  6. Once the PI has approved the proposal, the RA will submit the proposal.
  7. The RA will monitor the proposal, after submission, to ensure that the remaining reviewers approve — for the record.
  8. After submission, the RA will run the activity “Submitted to Sponsor.”
  9. Upload the final Sponsor Bundle and submission confirmation when prompted.

Note: Copy Anthony Michel on the submission email

Faculty Summer Residency program

The Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University Faculty Summer Residency is designed to facilitate ongoing collaborations between faculty members and teams at Mayo Clinic and ASU by providing opportunities for collaboration and networking activities. The intent is to provide support so that ASU faculty members may spend time over the course of the summer working as part of a Mayo Clinic team.

  1. Do NOT enter the proposal into ERA at the time of proposal.
  2. Once there is indication of an award, Create and Route a Funding Proposal, using the “After the Fact Proposal” instructions. Refer to the PI’s fellowship/award letter for allowable and unallowable cost guidance.
  3. The residency component must be a total of six continuous weeks, completed in the summer months of May through August.
  4. The award will provide a small grant intended to cover summer salary. A $1,000 stipend will also be provided to awardees.
  5. The PI or unit staff should submit the proposal. ORSPA will not be involved unless/until an award is received.

Who can assist with seeking joint funding opportunities?

  • General questions related to the purpose, guidelines and timelines for the opportunities above should be directed to [email protected].
  • For research support in pursuing an opportunity with Mayo Clinic, contact your Research Administrator (RA). To determine your RA, refer to “Who Can Help Me?”