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ERA External Organization Requests

Last updated: 01/26/2022 - 3:32pm

To request the addition of new sponsor, subrecipient institution, or other external organization in ERA, users will need to create a new Organization Request within the My ERA dashboard. Once a new Organization Request is submitted, the KE Analytics team will review and finalize the addition of the new organization in ERA. Users can monitor, edit, and withdraw (if necessary) these requests under the My Organization Requests tab of their My ERA dashboard.

Refer to the Sponsor List report to (a) see if an entity is already in ERA, and/or (b) see how entity names are standardized, etc. prior to submitting a new Organization Request.

Need Help? If you need assistance with this process in ERA please contact For questions or concerns with submitted rush requests you can contact

Create a New Organization Request in ERA

Click HERE and log in using your ASURITE and password to go directly to the Organization Request dashboard and proceed to Filling Out the Request, or follow these steps to navigate to the Organization Request dashboard:

  1. Log into ERA From the home page, click the "My ERA" tab in the top left corner.
    ERA login screenshot
  2. Next, click the "My Organization Requests" tab in the dashboard to get started.
    My Organization Requests tab screenshot
  3. Click on the "Create Organization Request" button.
    Create Organization Request button screenshot
Filling Out the Request

Fill out as much information as possible in the “Request to Add Organization” webform, including the organization name, address, website, sponsor group (refer to Entity Group Definitions below) and DUNS number if you have it. Use the comments field to add any additional information for the KE Analytics team as needed. Remember that all questions with the red * next to it are required before the form can be submitted. (see example form below).

  • Note: for RUSH requests proposals due within less than three business days, please be sure to indicate this in question #1 of the Organization Request smartform by selecting ‘Yes’ in the “Is this a RUSH request?” field and (once you have submitted the request in ERA) immediately email the KE Analytics team at to notify the team that you have submitted a rush request.

Request to Add Organization screenshot

Entity Group Definitions
Nonprofit A non-profit organization is an entity organized for purposes other than generating profit and in which no part of the organization’s income is distributed to its members, directors, or officers. They may have 501c3 status (or similar), typically have a .org website url, and typically file IRS Form 990 for tax-exempt status.
Examples: Spencer Foundation, National Academy of Education


Private Individuals, Universities (foreign or domestic), foreign governments, and any other entities that do not fit into another group.
Examples: University of Idaho, Canada Council for the Arts
State State agencies under any of the U.S. states.
Examples: Arizona Game and Fish Department, Utah Department of Transportation
Industry For-profit entities, including corporations, small businesses, and other entities that make a profit on goods and/or services.
Examples: Honeywell International Inc., Salt River Project (SRP)
ASU (Internal) This category should only be selected if directed to do so by KE Analytics or ORSPA.
Local Local, municipal, and tribal government agencies and entities, including: cities, counties, school districts, etc.
Examples: City of Tempe, Maricopa County Education Service Agency (MCESA)
Federal United States (U.S.) federal agencies.
Examples: National Science Foundation (NSF), Veterans Health Administration (VHA)
Finish Request

When all pertinent and required information has been entered click “Finish” in the bottom righthand corner of the screen. The summary of the request will display once you have clicked “Finish.” This summary page includes the request ID number, as well as the options to print the request, edit the request, and withdraw the request. You will also see a blue “Complete” button on this summary page, please note that users are not authorized to click the “Complete” button and this action is reserved for the KE Analytics team.

Finish Request screenshot

Tracking Requests

You can track your request in the “My ERA” dashboard, under the “My Organization Requests” tab. If you do not see the request automatically on the “My Organization Requests” tab, you can click on the “Show All Requests” option and then search for your request. Pending requests will be listed in the “Draft” status and finalized requests will be listed in the “Completed” status. If you need to edit or withdraw a pending request, you can access the request summary page by clicking on the request ID in the “My Organizations Requests” or the “Show All Requests” status lists. Please note that you will not receive an auto alert from ERA once the request has been completed but you will receive an email directly from the KE Analytics team member who completes your request. Most requests are processed by KE Analytics in 2-3 business days.

Tracking Requests screenshot


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