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Investigator Incentive Award (IIA)

Last updated: 03/18/2020 - 3:24pm

What is IIA?

Investigator Incentive Awards (IIA) is a disbursement to the investigator for his/her share of the Facilities & Administrative (F&A) costs recovered on eligible sponsored projects.

What is the purpose of IIA?

IIA is intended to be used to further the research activities of investigators who obtain externally funded projects that generate F&A. However, once the funds are received by the investigator, he/she may use the funds at their discretion to advance their research activities.

Are there any restrictions on the use of IIA funds?

OKED no longer requires a “research-related” purpose for expenditures on IIA accounts. IIA accounts can be treated like any other local account, with the one exception of Transfers In/Out. OKED Finance restricts deposits to or transfers in/out of IIA accounts and monitors them for compliance.

What comprises IIA account revenue?

IIA revenue should only be IIA incentive monies funded by OKED Finance. “Other sources” of revenue should never be deposited to IIA accounts. If an expenditure reimbursement needs to be deposited, apply the deposit to the spend category originally charged.

Can IIA funds be used as cost sharing for sponsored accounts?

Yes. An investigator may choose to use his/her IIA funds as cost sharing for a sponsored project. The investigator should be aware of IIA funds currently available so as not to overcommit.

Can IIA funds be transferred out to other accounts?

No, unless it is to fund a local cost share companion account for a sponsored project. Transfers out are monitored by OKED Finance to ensure compliance with this restriction.

Can IIA funds be transferred in from other accounts?

No, revenue deposits from sources other than that funded by OKED Finance are not allowed. Transfers in are monitored by OKED Finance to ensure compliance with this restriction.

Can IIA funds be used to pay salaries?

Salaries can be charged to IIA accounts if there are funds available to cover the salaries/wages and all related costs (ERE, Risk Mgt., Netcom, Tuition Remission, ASC).

Can cash advances be taken out on IIA accounts?

Under certain circumstances, such as to pay for subject payments or remote site expenses, cash advances can be taken out on IIA accounts. Normally, IIA funds are the alternate when the sponsored project does not allow or does not have enough funds available to cover these types of expenses.  Units wanting to use an IIA account for cash advances should reach out to

Who is eligible to receive IIA?

Any individual who is (1) a University employee and (2) identified on the ERA Allocation tab to receive a percentage of the IIA distribution.

Can Emeritus or Adjunct Investigator’s receive IIA?

Yes.  Notify OKED Finance when an employee’s status changes to Emeritus or Adjunct to ensure the IIA account is not prematurely closed.  Employees that are Emeritus and Adjunct do not appear as “active” in PeopleSoft Job Data, so these IIA accounts need to be manually tracked by OKED Finance.

How is IIA funded?

IIA is calculated at 5% of actual F&A recovered (expended), and is funded monthly during each month-end close process. 

How is IIA allocated?

IIA is allocated to Investigators based on the Lead Unit Investigator Allocations Smart Form of the Funding Award in ERA.

If changes to the IIA allocation need to be made, refer to WI-EP-130.  To ensure IIA is funded properly at month-end close, it is recommended that IIA allocation changes be reflected in Coeus before the 3rd Thursday of the month.

Units are also advised that IIA variations due Investigator Allocation Changes will not be funded retroactively. Instead, OKED Finance will capture any changes during t fiscal year-end reconciliation

Do I need to notify OKED Finance when a new Investigator to the University is added to an award?

Yes, please email the inbox with the PI’s name, employee ID and cost center. An IIA account will be set up by OKED Finance prior to month-end close for any new investigators scheduled to receive IIA funding. Once the IIA account is setup, the PI will receive an email the new account information.

How can I find an Investigator’s IIA program account number?

Investigators can see their IIA program account number in the Principal Investigator Dashboard. Unit administrators can find IIA program accounts numbers by doing a Workday search for the PI’s name.

RID and IIA Dashboard
Investigators and unit administrators can also find IIA program account numbers using the RID and IIA Dashboard.

If an IIA account for the Investigator is not listed, contact OKED Finance to confirm whether or not they have one.

Who can help me with other IIA questions?

Please email  

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