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Unit: Any HR code that is brought into the ERA from PeopleSoft. This unit, if validated (through the New ERA Unit Request), can then be selected in ERA on proposals, awards, agreements, subawards, etc.

Any HR code that will need to be selected in ERA for sponsored project activity needs to be validated. This includes situations where:

  • Reporting will need to be done on this unit’s performance in the future, meaning that we must be able to tell what proposals/awards/etc. were recognized to this unit.
    • You will need to select for this unit in KE Analytics reporting.
  • This HR code is replacing an existing code that was previously used for recognition.
    • The unit moved, reorganized or merged/unmerged, resulting in deactivation of code.
  • This HR code will be requested by investigators on the recognition forms (example in proposal screenshot below).
Screenshot of proposal in ERA system

Fill out the New ERA Unit Request form and email KE Analytics at [email protected]. The form is simple and includes the table below. (Note: This form can also be found on the Forms & Templates page.)

Unit Number (HR Code)
Unit Name
Unit Type (Academic, Administrative or Center)

Only units that have an HR code can be added. Sometimes researchers have a research “center,” “team” or “consortium” grant and would like future sponsored activity to be connected within their group. The researchers will need an HR code to be established for unit reporting to occur. They will need to work with their HR partner on this and then work with their unit staff to submit a New ERA Unit Request form after they have an HR code.

For unit type:

Academic: most units are academic units, rolling up to a college/school.

Center: research centers are interdisciplinary collaborations between investigators that are not always in the same academic department. Identifying a unit as a center allows it to be selected in the proposals screenshot above in the “center or institute” column.

Administrative: typically used in president/provost/university administration offices only.

After you send the initial request, KE Analytics will set up the unit in ERA. At that time, you will receive an email from KE Analytics with additional instructions as follows:

Screenshot of sample instruction email from KE Analytics

The sooner you respond, the faster the unit can be finalized in ERA. You may use the code in ERA (e.g., to attach to proposals) prior to responding. However, no award can be set up unless you submit the form. Make sure that you email all three recipients, as each group has distinct responsibilities in the setup of the unit.

From the time you submit the request to complete setup, it should take less than a week. KE Analytics, the group that first acts upon the request, will respond within 24 hours. After you respond with the second table, complete setup should occur within 2-3 days.

Depending on the field, a Unit Administrator for the unit or college, KE Analytics, RAS, or KE Finance will need to be notified. Requests should be submitted by email as follows:

  • KE Analytics ([email protected]) takes care of the naming convention, the NSF HERD discipline, and the Y/N buttons (e.g., is center).
  • KE Finance ([email protected]) maintains the RID Program and RID Cost Center.
  • ERA Help ([email protected]) makes updates to Unit Heads.
  • Unit Administrators maintain all other fields (Campus, Workday Cost Center, Unit Public Email Address, FP approvers, Cost Share Approvers, RA contacts). Unit Administrators should refer to the ERA Unit Administrator User Guide when updating unit data in the ERA MasterStore.

If you have general questions about any ERA units, feel free to email [email protected]. You will be redirected if appropriate.

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