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Transfer of sponsored projects to ASU

  • If the project being relinquished by the former institution to ASU/ORSPA was awarded at an F and A rate:
    • Lower than ASU, the transferred project will retain the lower rate for the balance of the project period. Supplements and renewals will use the ASU federally negotiated rate in effect at the time of request/proposal.   
    • Higher than ASU, the transferred project will use of the current ASU federally negotiated rate.
  • In the event the other institution will not relinquish the award, but is willing to issue a subcontract to ASU/ORSPA, the award will not be considered a transferred project and the standard ASU policy for new proposals will apply.

ERA description of project activity:  Please choose the type of activity and then the best description of the project from the list below it: 

  • Research
    • Research- individual and project (externally funded) or
    • Scholarships and fellowships (research related)
  • Instruction
    • Instruction – general academic instruction or
    • Scholarships and fellowships (not research related)
  • Other
    • Public service – community service or
    • Other non-operating accounts