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Charitable grant proposal budgets must include indirect costs calculated at the maximum rate permitted by the sponsor’s published policy.

  • A limited indirect cost rate should be applied to the total direct costs of such a project, rather than the modified total direct costs basis used in federal awards, unless prohibited by the sponsor.

Where the sponsor does not have a published policy, 11% of all direct costs (Total Direct Costs/TDC) should be used.

Total Direct Costs/TDC:  The F&A rate is applied to all of the direct costs without exclusions.

Note – Effective for all grant proposals submitted on or after 5/9/2022: Letters signed by charitable funders will no longer be accepted as documentation of a lower indirect rate. For assistance with requesting that a sponsor publish their rate policy, please contact the ASUF OCFR Team well in advance of the proposal deadline (~2 weeks notice preferred).