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Last updated: 07/01/2022 - 9:28am

Active Recharge Centers

RC Name Unit Responsible RC Coordinator Internal Rate (Y/N) External Rate (Y/N)
Adaptive Intelligent Materials & Systems (AIMS) SEMTE Ashwin Rai Y Y
Arizona Center for Algae Technology (AzCATI) SEBE Jamie  Rock Y Y
Arizona Metabolomics Lab CHS Juan Beltran Y N
ASU Ethnobotany and Environmental Anthropology Laboratory (EEA) SHESC Christopher Morehart Y Y
Biostatics Core CHS Juan Beltran Y Y
Biosurface Chemistry Facility BDI Ryan Given Y N
Center for Assured and Scalable Data Engineering (CASCADE) CIDSE Gerri Lux Y Y
Center for Education Through eXploration CLAS: SESE Kiva Lindaman Y Y
Center for Digital Antiquity SHESC Christopher Nicholson Y Y
Center for Health Information and Research CHS Tameka Sama Y Y
Center for Viral Genomics (VIROME) KE Biodesign Efrem Lim Y Y
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance lab CLAS Joshua Jeffs Y Y
Computational & Experimental Mechanics Lab (CEM) SSEBE S.D. Rajan Y Y
Consortium for Biosocial Complex Systems EVPPO Lyn Mowafy Y N
Diamond Materials Lab (DML) PHYSICS Robert N. Nemanich Y Y
Dryland  Ecosystems CLAS: SESE Heather Throop Y Y
Electroencephalography Lab PSY Chris Blais Y N
Engineering Server on Demand ETS Denise Felsenthal Y N
Fatigue Lab SEMTE Pedro Peralta Y N
FSE - Structures Shop ETS-EDO Avi Wiezel Y Y
Future H20-A CLAS-SoLS John Sabo Y Y
GAO - Aircraft Data Acquisition GDCS Andrea Cottrell Y Y
GEOPIG Analytical Laboratory CLAS: SESE Panjai Prapaipong Y Y
Geospatial Research and Solution GSUP Shea Lemar Y Y
Global Health Collaboratory CONHI Cindy White Y Y
Graphics, Electronics and Computer Support Facility SOMS E-Jay Christopher Y N
Greenhouse Lab CLAS: SOLS Kevin McGraw Y Y
Health Promotion Research Facility CHS Juan Beltran Y Y
Indoor UAV Test and Integration Facility CIDSE Nicholas Beck Y Y
Innovation Hub IAFSE Ann McKenna Y Y
Innovation Studio CHS Juan Beltran Y N
Institute for Social Research Focus/Observation Room (ISSR) CLAS Sherry Thurston Y N
Interplanetary Initiative Lab (IIL) KE Danny Jacobs Y Y
KE Biosciences Pre‐Clinical Imaging (KEBPCI) KE Greg Turner  Y Y
Locust-Grasshopper Lab CLAS: SOLS Andrea Wullenweber Y Y
Manufacturing Innovation Lab (MIL) SEMTE Leila Ladani Y Y
Media Services (MEDS) EMH Daniel Tyrrell Y N
Micromachining Lab CLAS: SESE Chris Groppi Y Y
NanoSIMS Facility CLAS: SESE Maitrayee Bose Y Y
Peptide Microarray Facility BDI Pattie Madjidi Y Y
REACH Institute PSY Sharlene Wolchik Y Y
SESE Plotter Large Format Printer SESE Susan Selkirk Y N
SIMS Laboratory: Secondary Ion Mass Spec Lab CLAS: SESE Linda Williams, Richard Hervig Y N
Software As A Service ETS Denise Felsenthal Y N
Sponsored Management Solutions and Support KE: SMSS Sarah Kern Y* Y
Survey Information Management Services Unit Center for Violence Prevention David Choate Y N
TherMotU Laboratory (TMU) CLAS: SMS Ziva Lackoff Y Y
University Office of Evaluation and Education Effectiveness EVPPO Autumn Fuhrmark Y N
Visualization Lab CLAS: SOLS Jacob Sahertian Y N

*Rates approved for charitable and industry awards

Active Recharge Centers Managed by Core Facilities

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CF Domain/Rollup Assignment RC Name Internal Rate (Y/N) External Rate (Y/N)
Biosciences & Biotechnology ASU Genomics Facility Y Y
Biosciences & Biotechnology Advanced Light Microscopy Facility Y Y
Biosciences & Biotechnology Bioinformatics Facility Y Y
Biosciences & Biotechnology DNA Shared Resource Facility Y Y
Biosciences & Biotechnology Flow Cytometry Y Y
Biosciences & Biotechnology Mass Spectrometry Facility Y Y
Biosciences & Biotechnology DNASU Core, Virginia G. Piper Biodesign Y Y
Biosciences & Biotechnology Nucleic Acid Programmable Protein Array Y Y
Biosciences & Biotechnology SARS-CoV-2 Lab Y Y
Biosciences & Biotechnology Magnetic Resonance Research Center Y Y
Biosciences & Biotechnology Ultra-Fast Laser Y Y
Biosciences & Biotechnology Regenerative Medicine Core (RegenMed) Y Y
Advanced Electronics & Photonics Advanced Electronics & Photonics Y Y
Chemical & Environmental Characterization Center for Environmental Health Engineering (EHE) Y Y
Chemical & Environmental Characterization Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Lab Y Y
Eyring Materials Center Life Science Electron Microscopy Y Y
Eyring Materials Center Center for High Resolution Electron Microscopy Y Y
Eyring Materials Center Goldwater Materials Science Facility Y Y
Eyring Materials Center Metals, Environment and Terrestrial Analytical Laboratory Y Y
Instrument Design & Fabrication Electronics Shop Y Y
Instrument Design & Fabrication Glassblowing Center Y Y
Instrument Design & Fabrication Machine Shop Y Y
Instrument Design & Fabrication Solar Fabrication Y Y
Nanofab Nanofab Y Y
Other College Research & Evaluation Services Team (CREST) Y Y
Research Computing Research Computing Y Y
Research Computing Scientific Software Engineering Y Y
Research Computing ASRE: Arizona Secure Research Environment  Y Y
Virtual Computing Services IRE ASRE: Isolated Research Environment- Arizona Secure Research Environment Y Y
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