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Research Advancement (RA) staff should first contact their immediate supervisor to review this list with them or arrange to review the list with another RA professional.  For assistance in identifying the appropriate RA professional to provide guidance and/or training, please contact


• All Research Advancement Staff – systems and resources that both Pre-award and Post-award RA staff may use

• Post-Award Research Advancement Staff – additional systems and resources that Post-award RA staff may use

All Research Advancement Staff

Systems and Resources


Where to Request Access

Research Advancement Distribution List (RA DL)

Regular announcements, updates, and reminders are sent by email to those on the RA DL. Access to certain systems and resources are also granted via inclusion on the RA DL

A manager or colleague can use the Add/Remove a Colleague tool on RA SharePoint.


Contact the individual noted -  if in Engineering (April MacCleary), CLAS (Vicki Krell) or the Biodesign Institute (Lacey Ward) to be added to your college/institute’s internal RA distribution list (DL) - this will roll up to the main RA DL. Other units, contact to be added to the RA DL.

Research Academy

The "Getting Your Start as an RA" and "Post-Award Research Advancement" tracks guide Pre-Award and Post-Award Research Advancement staff through the essentials of what they need to know about research administration at ASU

Use the Add/Remove a Colleague tool on RA SharePoint (or  email to request access.

Research Operations News

This blog includes posts, updates, and announcements for the RA Community for use in completing administrative duties related to sponsored projects.

Announcements are distributed regularly through the main Research Operations News page. Members of the RA Community can sign up to receive system-generated newsletters immediately, weekly, or bi-weekly.

Access is available publicly:

Research Operations News

Welcome Page

Newsletter Signup


Direct URL:

Research Advancement SharePoint (RA SharePoint, RA SP)

This site is the RA portal to various research administration SharePoint sites and resources, including My Items in ORSPA, Awards Files, E-Business, and other Links.

URL's for other commonly used sites and systems are included on the RA SharePoint site for convenience.

A manager or colleague can use the Add/Remove a Colleague tool on RA SharePoint. Otherwise, access is granted via the RA DL.

Navigate to the site via the Applications page of the Research Admin website.

Direct URL:

My Items in ORSPA

Provides status information on award modifications ("Award Mods").

Access is granted via the RA DL. Site is accessed via RA SharePoint. Direct URL to My Items in ORSPA:

Who Can Help Me? Search box used to find RAs and ORSPA contact information. The tool is useful for faculty in locating their unit RAs. It is also helpful to RAs who need to identify colleagues in other units and/or ORSPA contacts during proposal preparation and/or the post-award administration of projects. Be sure to add yourself! Updates to unit contacts are made through the "Update Department Contacts" link on the upper right-hand corner of the Who Can Help Me? page.

ERA Proposals


ERA Awards


ERA Agreements

ASU's Enterprise Research Administration system (ERA) provides an integrated platform for the administration of research and sponsored projects at ASU. It provides workspace and status information on 1) proposals/awards, 2) negotiations/signature of award agreements processed by ResOps, 3) issuance of or modification to subawards. Due to implementation of the Awards module of ERA, post-award research administrator will require the same access levels as pre-award administrators.

Use the Add/Remove a Colleague tool on RA SharePoint (or email to request the appropriate access. 

Pre-Award: Research Administrator role Post-Award: Research Administrator role

ERA Proposals

ETA Awards

ERA Agreements

ERA Training Server The ERA Training Server is a replica of ERA that RAs can use for hands on learning Use the Add/Remove a Colleague tool on RA SharePoint (or email to request access.

Current & Pending Tool

A tool for creating current and pending support reports for ASU investigators

Current and Pending Support Tool Use asurite login to access.

Award Files


Award documentation is stored in the ORSPA Awards folder. (See the job aid below for help navigating the folders.) 

Award Folder Structure and Naming Conventions job aid

Pre-Award RAs may need to access these folders to find copies of proposal documents for awarded proposals and/or to prepare renewal applications

Access is granted via the RA DL. Site is accessed via RA SharePoint. Direct URL to ORSPA Awards:

E-Business (RA)

E-Business is a list of institutional ID's and passwords for various online sponsor portals. The list is maintained by ResOps and is accessible to the RA community. (Note that this list is for ASU (ORSPA) login info. For ASU Foundation ID's and passwords, RA Staff will need to contact ASUF)

Access is granted via the RA DL. Site is accessed via RA SharePoint. Direct URL to E-Business:


PeopleSoft (PS) is the name of the software ASU uses to manage the University's student (SA), customer (CRM) and human resources (HCM) data. The ASU community primarily connects to PeopleSoft through My ASU, ASU's central access point into the University. RA Staff use PeopleSoft to look up salaries for ASU employees to prepare proposal budgets, revise budgets for existing awards, etc.




Step 1 - Navigate to MyASU ( > click on the "Service" tab > Service Catalog (right below "Report an Incident") > under "Categories", click on Identity Management > PeopleSoft Security > PeopleSoft RA_ID

Or, use the PeopleSoft Security Catalog Item, and select PeopleSoft RA_ID

Step 2 - Request Access for Your New ID: Once you have an RA_ASURITE ID for PS, go back to the Service menu in My ASU and Submit a PeopleSoft role request for your new ID - add/request the "HCM ORSPA View 1" role.

DTA (Department Time Administrator)

If role is assigned, request through PeopleSoft

See PeopleSoft, above.


A dashboard is a web interface for users that organizes and presents information in a way that is easy to read and interpret. Dashboards provide visibility into key performance indicators through simple visual graphics such as gauges, charts and tables within a web browser. The information is simple to monitor at a glance and, where appropriate, actionable. Four dashboards are useful for RAs (depending on unit role/roles): Payroll; Research; and After-The-Fact Review Report



Workday is ASU’s Financial Management System with financial reporting capabilities.

The “Department View Only” role is recommended for RAs who will not be initiating or approving transactions in Workday. id=workday_landing_page

Data Warehouse (Financial, Sponsored)

To create own queries for info not available in MyReports or other institutional reports

Space Survey

For unit space coordinator role, if assigned

Adobe Professional software

Used to create/edit PDFs.  Those who do not need to create/edit PDFs will only need the Adobe Reader to view PDFs

Contact your unit’s IT support.

KED Research Analytics


Here you can find monthly chartbooks and pivot table, resources for competitive analyses of national sponsored project data from four-year degree-granting US colleges and universities, and interactive reports of internal sponsored project data for ASU investigators and affiliates.

If you have any questions or would like to request a particular report that is not posted, please email


If you do not currently have access to KED Reporting Resources, you will need to submit a ticket through the Service Catalog for Analytics Group Access: KED Reporting Resources.

Research Administration Listserv



This Research Administration Discussion Listserv is an external to ASU forum which allows industry professionals from universities, hospitals, and government and non-profit research labs to share information and field questions from their peers. Focused on research grant administration, the listserv features such topics as grant funding, grant submission, regulatory compliance, project budgeting, educational opportunities, and technology

Because there is a high volume of email traffic that comes through the listserv,  it is recommended to set up rules in Outlook to divert RESADM-L emails into a separate folder for viewing as time permits

OKED Research Technology Office Dashboards

The OKED Research Technology Office has developed Dashboards for users to view summarized data, graphs, and maps related to Proposals, Awards, Sponsors, Agreements, IRB Studies, and Conflict of Interest certifications. These dashboards are beneficial for workload management, tracking proposal volume, finding faculty/units who have submitted to sponsors in a specific country, and reporting on awards by college or unit. Data can be filtered by categories, including: college, lead unit, principal investigator, research advancement administrator, sponsor type, and more. If you have questions or suggestions for enhancements, please submit them to

Access to the Operational Dashboards was initially granted to everyone who was on the Research Advancement DL at the time the dashboards were launched. Any user who was not on the list at the time of the initial load will need to request access by clicking the Request Access button on the Dashboards page.

Pivot Funding Search Tool

The Pivot Funding Search Tool is a database of funding opportunities for all areas. It also includes research profiles, which can be used to find potential collaborators, and papers invited, a section with calls for papers on special topics and conferences.

Then click, “Signup” Next to the login button.


Post-Award Research Advancement Staff

Systems and Resources


Where to Request Access


Workday is ASU’s Financial Management System with financial reporting capabilities. Depending on the Post-Award RAs role, recommended Workday roles are as follows:

Grant Manager: to approve financial transactions within Workday for grants.

PeopleSoft HR Grant Manager: Department role used to approve personnel transaction requests (PTR) and select position management transactions for grants within the PeopleSoft HR system.

Grant P-Card Allocator: Department role used to review and reallocate purchasing card transactions within Payment Net for grants.

Department Accountant: Required role to initiate Accounting Adjustments and Accounting Journals.


Request access if responsible for making purchases


OKED account forecasting tool (form requires dept. codes)


ASU’s travel management system for all faculty, staff, and graduate student employees for all out-of-state and international travel, as well as in-state travel with an overnight stay

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