Sample Proposal Checklist

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Due to RA:                8/7/20XX  (5 business days prior to deadline)

ORSPA Due Date:    8/11/20XX (3 business days prior to deadline)

Sponsor Due Date:  8/14/20XX

Required Item

Notes about Requirement/Action Needed

Party Responsible for Doing and/Or Taking Action Target Date for Draft/Final Documents
Formatting: Font e.g.   Type of font or size of type, margins, pagination, etc    
List of Subcontracts and/Administrative Contacts - if any


e.g   PI  
Project Summary AKA Abstract e.g.  Must be no more than x pages or must not exceed x characters, etc.   e.g. 8/7/20XX
Project Description AKA Technical Narrative e.g.  Must not exceed 20 pages.  Do or do not include URLs, etc.  e.g.  PI e.g. 8/11/20XX
References Cited e.g.  Must be provided as part of the Project Description or must be a separate documents    
Biographical Sketches AKA CV e.g. How information must be presented and page limitations e.g.  PI and RA  
Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources      
Current and Pending Support      
ERA FP and Budget   e.g. RA e.g. 8/7/20XX

e.g. Summary, detail, or task level

e.g.  PI and RA e.g. 8/7/20XX
Budget Justifications  

e.g.  PI and RA

e.g. 8/7/20XX
Other Special Requirements


Need to Notify PNT of items raised in the "Reviewing a Funding Announcement Guide"

Need for Presidential Seal or Wet Signature

Need for Representations and Certification completion

Need to Notify PNT if Small Business and Diversity Plan is required


e.g.   RA  
ASU Policy Compliance


ERE, Tuition, F&A

Yearly Escalations

Space Requirements

Native American Involvement




This checklist is provided as a complementary tool and does not replace the solicitation for this program, nor the sponsor's guidelines/FOA. 

Please review FOA and sponsor's guidelines thoroughly as you develop your proposal.


This checklist is illustrative and should be adjusted to meet the proposal and unit needs. The responsible party for particular tasks will vary from unit to unit, depending on unit practice.

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