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Currently the Who Can Help Me? tool is only presenting Post-Award Research Advancement contacts for each unit.
This is a known system issue that is being worked on. To identify Pre-Award (proposal) support contacts in the meantime, ASU personnel may access the Award and Proposal Contacts by Department report on the Knowledge Enterprise Analytics website. This report shows default ERA and Workday contacts for each department, including the AMT GCO, public email address, Workday cost center, RA contacts, number of active awards and pending proposals.

Find Contacts

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To find contacts in a different unit, SLOWLY begin typing the unit name in the below search box. A dropdown list will appear for you to choose from. Select, then click "Search".


  • If you are experiencing difficulty, try limiting input to a partial keyword from the unit title.
  • If you are still unable to locate a unit, please contact

Note: AMT and RA Contacts may also be found in the Research Analytics tableau

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