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Research Collaborations

Last updated: 02/01/2019 - 1:05pm

Third-Party Supported Collaborative Research Projects

Mayo Clinic’s extensive clinical experience combined with ASU’s recognized leadership in interdisciplinary research, advancements in biodesign, bioengineering and biotechnology provide the perfect setting for research exploration unlike another. This combined experience has led to numerous third parties interested in supporting Mayo Clinic and ASU collaborative research projects. Additional time may be needed to arrange these collaborative research projects. Principal Investigators (PIs) are encouraged to begin early.

Research Integrity and Assurance

The inclusion of human subjects or animals in a collaborative or research project requires special reviews to ensure that they are treated ethically.  

Human Subjects

Most collaborative projects with Mayo Clinic involve human subjects and personal health information (PHI).  For the majority of these studies, Mayo Clinic must serve as the “IRB of record.” This means that the Mayo Clinic IRB must complete a full review of a project prior to the PI completing IRB materials for ASU. It is best to start this process as early as possible as the Mayo Clinic Internal Review Board (IRB) processes a high volume of applications and turnaround times may vary. Typically, PI’s should plan at least two to three months for the Mayo Clinic IRB to complete their review. 

Once IRB approval is obtained from Mayo Clinic, the local contextual review form will need to be completed and submitted to the ASU IRB in the ERA system.  Include the Mayo Clinic approved protocol and supporting documents in the submission. The ASU IRB’s local contextual review typically takes 2-3 business days.

Accreditation Information

  • Mayo Clinic is accredited by the AAHRPP, visit the AAHRPP website
  • ASU does not have AAHRPP accreditation

 For more information, visit: Office of Research Integrity and Assurance - Humans 


Animal work to be performed at Mayo Clinic locations by ASU PI’s must have a protocol reviewed and approved by the Mayo Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).   Once the protocol is approved, a copy of the protocol and approval should be provided to

Animal work performed at ASU locations must have a protocol reviewed and approved by the ASU IACUC.   Protocol forms can be found here.   

For more information, visit: Office of Research Integrity and Assurance - Animals 


How should joint research collaboration proposals be processed for submission?

ASU and Mayo Clinic faculty should use their standard institutional policies for review and submission, taking into consideration the above discussion on extended review times related to approval of protocols for human subjects and animals.

Do Facilities and Administrative costs apply to third-party supported collaborative research projects?

Yes, see the Facilities and Administrative Costs page for further detail

Can an ASU faculty member recruit participants at Mayo without Engaging in a collaborative research project?

Mayo Clinic’s Solicitation and Distribution Policy prohibits solicitation as well as distribution of materials of any type on campus. Solicitation to participate in a study which is not being conducted at Mayo Clinic or in conjunction with a Mayo Clinic investigator, and distribution or posting of recruitment materials, would fall under this policy.However, Mayo Clinic health care providers may choose to share relevant, non-Mayo research information with their patients. This information should not be shared on a large scale or using Mayo Clinic resources and/or Mayo Clinic communication channels to do so.

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