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07/27/2017 - 1:30pm

Our Mission

To serve as an essential resource to ASU faculty and staff by assisting to secure and successfully manage external funding for University research and sponsored activities.

To support ASU’s research enterprise, Research Operations delivers services through a distributed service model encompassing:

  • Research Advancement (RA), comprised of unit–based research advancement teams across the university and a centralized Research Advancement Services (RAS) team focused on emerging research units and strategic university initiatives
  • The Office for Research and Sponsored Projects Administration (ORSPA), ASU's central unit for research administration.  ORSPA consists of the Proposal and Negotiation Team, the Office of Industry and  Research Collaborations, and the Award Management Team
  • Fiscal Oversight, which provides support and analysis for costing and financial audits
  • The Office of Research Integrity and Assurance, established as a resource for investigators and the university as a whole to achieve and maintain ethical principles and compliance with federal, state, and university regulations governing research. The office acts as a liaison between the Associate Vice President for the Knowledge Enterprise Development and the various committees required to monitor and support research activities.

Research Operations Staff Directory

Research Operations is organized into teams that align with the business processes governing ASU’s research administration process. See Processes and Work Instructions for detailed descriptions of each business process. 

Research Advancement Teams

rahelp [at] asu [dot] edu - For inquiries from unit-based RAs about ASUF/ORSPA determinations, interpretation of sponsor guidelines, and any other questions where general guidance is needed.

Unit-Based RA Teams
Description Contact info
  • Search for and identify targeted funding opportunities
  • Proposal development services for assigned departments/schools
  • Assist department in the administrative execution of the project
  • Manage financial execution of the project
  • Other department functions may be assigned to this position as well

Find unit-specific staff

Centralized RA Team - Research Advancement Services (RAS)
Description Contact info
  • Proposal development services for departments without RA support
  • Administration-based project execution assistance
  • Funding searches based on keywords provided by potential applicant
  • Interim support for departments with RA vacancies and leaves
  • Back up support, through MOUs, for departments experiencing proposal surges
  • RA support for campus-wide strategic initiatives and 4M proposals
  • General guidance and resource support for all ASU RAs

ras [at] asu [dot] edu
For correspondence on proposals, post submission tasks, and non-financial administrative tasks for units/investigators assigned to RAS.

era [at] asu [dot] edu
For all questions related to use of the Enterprise Research Administration (ERA) system.



Additional Research Advancement Contact Information

Heather Clark | Director
Research Operations | PreAward Services and Research Integrity
Arizona State University | Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development | Operations
t 480-965-1427 | f 480-965-2455
heather [dot] christina [dot] clark [at] asu [dot] edu | http://researchadmin.asu.edu


Research Operations Teams


Proposals & Negotiations Team
Description Contact info
  • Provide advice and assistance on pre-award issues
  • Support RA staff in proposal precision
  • Review critical proposal items
  • Authorize proposals on behalf of institution
  • Review, negotiate and execute incoming grants, agreements & contracts
  • Review negotiate, and execute subawards
  • Serve as liaisons with the University’s General Counsel, Risk Management, Office of Research Integrity and Assurance (ORIA) ASU Foundation (ASUF), Arizona Technical Enterprise (AzTE) for legal, risk management compliance and intellectual property matter
  • Coordinate with other teams in the Office for Research and Sponsored Project Administration (ORSPA), Office of Industry Research and Collaborations (OIRC), Fiscal Oversight Team (FOT), Principal Investigators (PI), Research Administrators (RA) and Sponsors


ProposalandNegotiation [at] asu [dot] edu
For correspondence requiring the attention of one of the team members where a specific proposal officer has not been assigned


Office of Industry & Research Collaboration
Description Contact info
  • Provide advice and assistance on pre-award issues for Industry proposals
  • Support RA staff in proposal development for Industry proposals
  • Review and submit proposals to Industry sponsors
  • Review, negotiate and execute incoming Industry research agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)

Industryagreements [at] asu [dot] edu
For requests related to incoming/outgoing NDAs and MTAs; all industry-related sponsored research agreements.

Award Management Team
Description Contact info
  • Set up awards and award modifications
  • Sponsor Invoicing
  • Non-technical reports
  • RA/BOM support
  • Sponsor- and award-specific policy guidance
  • Award change management
  • Subaward and ASU Award closeouts
  • Annual and final technical reports that require institutional signature

Notifications [at] asu [dot] edu
For submission of new activations and activations related questions and/or inquiries.

Awards [dot] Management [at] asu [dot] edu
For correspondence directed to the Award Management Team where the specific team member is not known.

Additional Research Operations Contact Information

PreAward Services and Research Integrity
Heather Clark
Research Operations
P.O. Box 876011
Tempe, AZ 85287-6011
heather [dot] christina [dot] clark [at] asu [dot] edu

Fiscal Oversight and Award Management
Lee Pettit
Research Operations
P.O. Box 876011
Tempe, AZ 85287-6011
lee [dot] pettit [at] asu [dot] edu

Research Operations phone/fax
Office Line: (480) 965-5479
Fax Line: (480) 965-2455

Please see the ASU Directory or the Research Operations Staff Directory to find contact information for individual employees.

Centerpoint, Suite 204 | Building Information
660 S Mill Ave | Centerpoint on Campus Map

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Hayden Square Garage Maple Street
Hayden Square Garage 3rd Street

Research Operations address
OKED-Research Operations
Arizona State University
PO Box 876011
Tempe, AZ 85287-6011

FedEx shipping info
For timely delivery, FedEx packages should be addressed using the name of the person, "ASU", the person's department, and their building and room number

Staff Member's Name
Arizona State University
OKED-Research Operations
Centerpoint, Suite 312
660 S. Mill Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281

Standard shipping info
Staff Member's Name
Arizona State University
OKED-Research Operations
PO Box 876011
Tempe, AZ 85287-6011

Fiscal Oversight

Description Contact info
  • Audit Liaison
  • Cash management
  • Effort reporting oversight and system improvements
  • Expenditure monitoring
  • F&A rate application
  • General policy guidance-OMB, institutional
  • Liaison to University stakeholder organizations
  • Private use assessment and monitoring
  • Recharge center support
  • Risk assessment and mitigation coordination
  • Subrecipient monitoring

subrecipients [at] asu [dot] edu
For submission of subrecipient annual A-133/ Single Audit Reports/Letters.

effort-q [at] asu [dot] edu
For effort reporting policy/procedure assistance.

lee [dot] pettit [at] asu [dot] edu
For general inquiries.

payrollRD-q [at] asu [dot] edu
For payroll redistribution assistance.

Recharge [dot] help [at] asu [dot] edu
For assistance with developing rates or for general questions regarding recharge activity.

Office of Research Integrity and Assurance

Description Contact info

Through key committees, related programs and activities, the Office of Research Integrity and Assurance coordinates the development of, implements and oversees university policies related to research compliance and provides support for the responsible conduct of research.

  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee
  • Institutional Review Board
  • Responsible Conduct in Research
  • Objectivity in Research
  • Security and Export Controls
  • Scientific Diving

Office of Research Integrity and Assurance

ASU Centerpoint
660 South Mill Avenue, Suite 312
Mail Code: 6111
Tempe, AZ 85281-6111

(480) 965-6788 Telephone
(480) 965-7772 Fax

research [dot] integrity [at] asu [dot] edu