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Research Operations' mission is to serve as an essential resource to faculty and staff by assisting to secure and successfully manage external funding for University research and sponsored activities and to provide quality support and outstanding customer service, one customer at a time concentrating resources on improving processes, managing risk and compliance.



Research Administration:

Enterprise Research Administration:

Research Integrity and Assurance:


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Research Operations' Team Services



Jessica Robins

Assistant Director

Kristy MacDonald  

Assistant Director

Research Advancement Services (RAS)




Industry and Research Collaborations (OIRC)


Research Advancement Services (RAS)                    

Email for:

  • proposals and questions from assigned units:, 480-965-4225

  • assistance with the Enterprise Research Administration system (ERA):, 480-965-9065, Option 0

  • general questions from Research Advancement Administrators:


The primary role of the Research Advancement Services (RAS) team is to provide research administration leadership in an environment of ambitious research growth, innovative process improvement, and gold-standard customer service.


Develops proposals and provides guidance on award change requests for assigned units (

Supports units with RA vacancies, leaves, and those experiencing a surge in proposals for a given deadline

Creates materials for dissemination one-on-one and in seminar/workshop-type environments for the benefit of faculty, unit staff, and research advancement administrators

Provides guidance on “how to” questions from unit RA staff (

Supports the ERA ( by providing assistance to units with questions and technical issues


RAS Team Members





Sarah Curtis


Juliette Dixon

Sarah Gates

        ASSISTANT DIRECTOR:   Jessica Robins


Proposal & Negotiation Team (PNT)

Email for proposal/agreements not assigned in ERA:


The Proposal and Negotiations Team purposes are to meet the request of Sponsors with management of the administrative aspects of proposed projects to award and to negotiate agreements, while minimizing risks, administrative delays and ensuring compliance with federal, state, ASU terms and conditions.


Provides advice and assistance on pre-award issues

Supports RA staff in proposal precision

Reviews critical proposal items

Authorizes proposals on behalf of institution

Reviews, negotiate and execute incoming grants, agreements & contracts

Reviews negotiates, and executes subawards


Industry and Research Collaborations (OIRC)

Email for proposal/agreements not assigned in ERA:


The Office of Industry and Research Collaborations purpose is to process Proposals and Contracts with Industry partners and serves a liaison with ASU’s Technology Transfer Office to provide recommendations and help in the decision-making process on Intellectual Property (IP)-related matters. The office helps mitigate risks and aims to increase the revenues for the organization while ensuring compliance with ASU’s obligation to the State and Federal laws.


Provides advice and assistance on pre-award issues for Industry proposals

Supports RA staff in proposal development for Industry proposals

Reviews and submits proposals to industry sponsors

Reviews, negotiates and executes incoming industry research agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)



Nancy Henderson

Assistant Director

Research Integrity and Assurance (ORIA)


Office of Research Integrity and Assurance (ORIA)

For general questions and assistance, email or call 480-965-6788. 


ORIA provides resources to researchers to ensure research is performed with the highest ethical standards, safely, and in compliance with all applicable regulations and policies.


Provides education and outreach on compliance areas

Utilizes efficient processes to make compliance as easy as possible for the regulated community

Supports institutional compliance committees for

  • Human Subjects (IRB)

  • Animals (IACUC)

  • Biosafety (IBC)

  • Conflict of Interests (COI)

  • Export Controls and Security

  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

  • Scientific Diving



Nick Petersen

Assistant Director

Sarah Kern

Assistant Director

Award Management (AMT)

Fiscal Oversight (FOT)


Award Management Team (AMT)

Email for questions and inquiries on post-award items or processes:  Contact the AMT Customer Service Liaison

The Award Management Team provides post-award administrative support and guidance to ASU unit faculty and staff, while minimizing risks, administrative delays, ensuring compliance with federal, state, ASU terms and conditions, and liaison to sponsors.


Sets up awards and award modifications

Prepares financial invoicing and reporting to sponsors

Submits Non-fiscal reporting such IP and Equipment

Determines allowability of expenses, requesting approval from sponsor where needed

Reviews and approves cost transfers including accounting adjustments and journals

Processes Subaward invoices and perform closeouts

Provides post-award support to RA staff and Business Operations Managers

For additional information about working with the Award Management Team, see the FAQ.


Fiscal Oversight Team (FOT)

Email for:


The Fiscal Oversight Team (FOT) obtains economies of scale by aggregating post award functions that are not award specific.  FOT acts as the institutional official for the following areas:

Audit & Monitoring - Facilitates complete, precise, and appropriate responses with the least amount of disruption to ongoing operations.

Costing Analysis – Oversees federal rate negotiation, recharge center support, salary cap monitoring, and additional pay reviews.

Sponsored Payroll Review - Reviews Sponsored Payroll and after-the-fact interim compensation charges based on budget estimates.

Cash Management - Facilitates timely, accurate and complete payments through collections, electronic invoicing, draws, and related activities.

Risk Management – Reviews focused expenditure support and monitors subrecipients

Closeouts - performs award and financial account closeouts


Research Operations Organizational Chart

The above chart is part of a larger OKED Organizational Chart maintained by the OKED Human Resources group (ASURITE login required).

New charts reflecting the most recent organizational changes will be posted as updates become available from the OKED Human Resources department.

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