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04/13/2018 - 5:40pm
Friday, April 13, 2018

This newsletter is published bi-weekly for the Research Advancement Community for use in completing administrative duties related to sponsored projects. It will be primarily useful for Research Advancement (RA) staff, both pre-and post-award. To be added to the distribution list for this publication, please write to rahelp [at] asu [dot] edu.

Faculty, project managers, and others responsible for writing, receiving, and scientific management of projects will find valuable resources in the Research Academy.


For Rush Proposals (due that day) or other urgent proposal matters, please contact Kimberly Habiger at 480-727-8648 or Lindsey Forry at 480-727-4203. Kimberly/Lindsey will confirm that resources and time are dedicated to the needed actions.


On April 24th, we will hold a forum to discuss best practices and case studies on the theme of Challenging Conversations with Investigators. Due to the format of this seminar and the sensitive topic, this session will NOT be broadcast, nor recorded. We hope you will be able to join us in person at the Memorial Union.


All existing sponsored Fixed Price Residual (FPR) accounts are being transitioned from sponsored residual balance accounts to local accounts.  The timeline for this transition is as follows:

  • April 12 - Financial Services reached out to each unit’s senior fiscal representative with the new account numbers.
  • April 23 – Units should ensure all outstanding expenses are posted to the account and any encumbrances (i.e. payroll, POs, etc.) are transferred to the new local FPR account
  • May 1 - Any remaining balance from the existing sponsored FPR accounts will be transferred to the new local accounts.  The previous sponsored FPR accounts will then be closed.

Fixed Price Residual (FPR) local accounts have the following attributes:

  • Accounts are assigned to individual principal investigators, not by project/grant/unit (so multiple FPRs will be combined.)
  • Accounts will be ASC exempt for the life of the account.
  • No other funds may co-mingle with these funds due to ASC exclusion.
  • All FPR accounts must be coded as department research.
  • Funds should be treated like Research Incentive Distributions (RID) – i.e. for expenses that further research.
  • New FPR accounts will be set up just like local accounts through your Financial Services accountant.


As of April 6th, AMT has stopped processing the Advantage Encumbrances for Sponsored Project Expense Advances.  This is in an effort to get ready for Advantage to Workday system information transition.  AMT will clear all current Advantage Encumbrance for Expense Advances on Sponsored Accounts by April 30th.  During this transition, the unit will be responsible for tracking Expense Advances internally. New requests will continue to be reviewed and processed. The Sponsored Project Expense Advance Forms should be filled out as normal and submit as normal.


Although ERA’s SF424 Module now supports the new PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Form for System-to-System (S2S) submission, currently there are no ERA funding proposal smartforms that map data to the Clinical Trial Form. In short, the new PHS form is supported for S2S submission, but it is not mapped – RAs must manually complete the PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Form within the SF424 Module when submitting S2S. Questions? Please contact ERA [at] asu [dot] edu, or 5-9065, x0.

Note: A PDF fillable version of the PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trial Information Form can be downloaded from the Grants.gov R&R Forms Repository for ease of gathering information from investigators. A link to the R&R Family Forms Repository has been added to the NIH section of the Proposal Information and Resources page for convenience.


All ERA Modules:

  • On Friday, April 13th, starting at 5:00 PM ERA will be down for weekend updates. This will impact all sections of ERA including COI, IRB, Grants, and Agreements.

ERA Awards:

  • On Monday, April 16th, ERA Awards will replace COEUS as our post-award system of record. This will not change any business processes for units working with the Award Management Team (AMT). However, reference information you previously found in COEUS will now be available in ERA. 
  • An interactive ERA Awards walkthrough is available in the ERA Training Server: https://eratraining.oked.asu.edu/grantstraining?imTopic=42484
  • Frequently Asked Questions for ERA Awards have been developed and a link to these FAQs will be published soon on the ERA Grants page of the Research Admin website.

ERA Proposals:

  • The majority of NIH’s National Research Service Award (NRSA) funding opportunities now use forms that are supported in ERA for System-to-System (S2S) submission.


Post Award Files have migrated from Sharepoint 2007 to Sharepoint 2010. As a result, Sharepoint 2007 is no longer being updated with current information and post award files should currently be accessed from Sharepoint 2010. (Direct link here: Sharepoint 2010.)


The topical guide has been reorganized and now includes an example of fabricated equipment.   Information about budgeting and expending fabricated equipment funds has also been added.


April 24, 2018 11:00 – 12:15pm, RA Seminar: Challenging Conversations with Investigators. ***Note: this seminar will be held at the Memorial Union (MU), and will NOT be recorded or broadcast. Please arrange to attend in-person, we hope to see you there!***

April 25, 2018 10:00 – 11:15am, Webinar: Managing Intellectual Property (IP) Issues. Presented by the University Industry Demonstration Program (UIDP).

May 2, 2018 10:00 – 11:15am, Webinar: Benefiting from University-Industry Collaboration with Government Engagement. Presented by the University Industry Demonstration Program (UIDP).

June 7, 2018 11:00 – 12:15pm, RA Seminar: Guide to Budget Development and The Mindful Impact of The Post-Award. Presented by Joelina Peck (School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering), and April MacCleary (Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, Dean’s Office).

August 21, 2018 10:00 – 11:00am, Introductory Proposal Workshop – Finding Opportunities. Presented by Melinda Rowe, Research Advancement Services.

September 4, 2018 10:00 – 11:00am, Introductory Proposal Workshop – USAID. Presented by Kellianne Lauer, Proposal Manager, Research Development.


ASU's Core Research Facilities provide state-of-the-art equipment, specialized services, and expert consultation and training to help research solve pressing research challenges.  For future reference, the link can be found on the Proposal Info and Resources page under the Technical Proposal Development section.


View details 40915BR - Grant + Contract Specialist, Proposals and Negotiations Team (PMT). Close date: 16-April-2018.