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Recharge Center Determinants and Rate Development Tools:

ASU Sales Activity Decision Tree - Criteria for determining types of service centers.

Recharge Cost Tool - Tool for calculating cost of recharge operations and developing rates; was significantly upgraded in August 2016. For the latest version and for guidance on how to prepare, please contact



FY 2013 Recharge Center Activity

FY 2012 Recharge Center Activity

FY 2011 Recharge Center Activity

Shared Resources Survey Results 2012


Other Resources:

NCURA Service Centers - Presentation slides from March 15 - 17, 2014 NCURA Financial Research Administration Conference.

NCURA Service Centers - Best Practices - Presentation slides from March 5 - 7, 2015 NCURA Financial Research Administration Conference.


iLab Internal Documents:

ASU Billing Manual - How to handle billing activities with the iLab system

iLab Reporting for Lab and Department Managers - Addresses reporting process specific to ASU users

PI/Admin Quick Start Guide - How to accept/add researchers to ASU labs, assign access to accounts, and add accounts that do not appear automatically

Full PI/Admin Manual - Comprehensive guide to using ASU's installation of iLab

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