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Issuance of New Subaward
Responsibility: ORSPA-PNT
Prepared by: PNT
Work Instruction Number: WI-MS-30

Verification of new subaward request

Negotiation of new subaward

Verification of new subaward request

1. Subawards GCO assigned to New Subaward Task will receive SharePoint notification of assignment.  The task status will be “Initial Review/Pending Information.”

2. Subawards GCO reviews the activations and proposal folder against the Subawards Checklist.

2.1. When one or more of the required documents are missing, the Subawards GCO will email the Research Administrator (RA) for the documents.

2.1.1. The task status will remain “Initial Review/Pending Information” until all documents are received to move forward with Subaward.

2.1.2. Confirm written sponsor prior approval for issuance of the Subaward from the designated sponsor representative for all sponsors requiring prior approval.

3. When all subrecipient documentation is received it will be saved in the Subawards SharePoint Folder.  The task status will be updated to “Subaward In Progress.”

Negotiation of new subaward

1. Subawards GCO will determine the subagreement type to be used: Types of Subaward Agreements and Amendments.

2. Once agreement type has been determined, the Subawards GCO will draft subagreement and send to Principal Investigator and copy the Research Administrator for review and approval: Subrecipient Agreement - Request for Information and Approval (Time Sensitive). The task status will be changed to “Pending PI Approval.”

3. Once approval has been received, the approval will be documented in the Subawards Task and the email will be saved in the subaward documentation folder in SharePoint.

4. Subawards GCO will send the subagreement to the Subrecipient for review and signature using the appropriate Subrecipient for signature agreement email template:

If necessary, the Subawards GCO will negotiate any clauses the Subrecipient takes exception to and will send the final agreement to the PI for approval (repeat of step 2).  The task status will be updated to “Pending Subrecipient Signature.”

*Please see Subaward SP task, Coeus and Agreement for detailed information.

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