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Issuance of New Subaward
Responsibility: ORSPA-PNT
Prepared by: PNT
Work Instruction Number: WI-MS-30

Verification of new subaward request

Negotiation of new subaward

Verification of new subaward request

1. will get an email notification when AMT activates the subaward account. This email should provide the dollar amount and period of performance.

2. The Subawards GCO will then assign themselves the task in ERA. The task will start out in the “Verification” state.

3. Subawards GCO reviews the FP site for the subaward documents. The GCO needs to review the documents against the Subawards Checklist.

  1. When one or more of the required documents are missing, the Subawards GCO will email the Research Administrator (RA) for the documents.

    1. The task status will remain in “Verification” until all documents are received to move forward with the Subaward.

  2. When all subrecipient documentation is received, they will be saved in their respective fields on the “Negotiation Information” page of the task.

Negotiation of new subaward

1. Subawards GCO will determine the subagreement type to be used: Types of Subaward Agreements and Amendments.

2. Once agreement type has been determined, the Subawards GCO will draft subagreement and send it to Principal Investigator for approval (cc the RA) using the email function in ERA. The Subawards GCO will then move the task to “With Internal Parties.”

3. Once approval has been received, the approval will be documented in the Subawards Task under the “Negotiation Information” page, and upload the approval email to the “Finalize Subaward Task Request” page.

4. Subawards GCO will send the subagreement to the Subrecipient for review and signature using the email function in ERA.

5. If necessary, the Subawards GCO will negotiate any clauses the Subrecipient takes exception to, and will send the final agreement to the PI for approval (repeat of step 2). The task status will be updated to “With External Parties.”

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