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Account Monitoring
Responsibility: ORSPA-AMT
Prepared by: AMT
Work Instruction Number: WI-EP-70

This work instruction contains the following sections:

Processing Cost Transfers (Payroll and Non-Payroll)

Approving Documents sent from ASU Accounts Payable


Documenting Cost Share

Reconciling Consortium Accounts

Reviewing Unbilled Account Balances

Managing Carryover

Processing Cost Transfers (Payroll and Non-Payroll)

Per FIN 203, units are required to review expenses on their department accounts (which includes sponsored accounts) at least on a monthly basis. During this review, if an inappropriate expenditure is discovered, it must be removed via cost transfer. The process below outlines the procedure for approving transfers which involve posting a transferred expense to a sponsored account.

1. For payroll expenses, a payroll redistribution is completed in PeopleSoft and reviewed by ORSPA’s Effort Reporting GCO. See Reviewing and Approving Sponsored Projects Payroll Redistributions Job Aid for detailed instructions.

2. For non-payroll expenses, a Non-Payroll Cost Transfer Request (CTR) ORSPA 510 form is prepared and sent to Awards.Management@asu.edu. AMT Students will setup a task for the AMT GCO to process the request, only non-payroll cost transfers onto sponsored accounts are approved by the AMT GCO. See Reviewing and Approving Non-Payroll Cost Transfer Requests Job Aid for detailed instructions.

Approving Documents sent from ASU Accounts Payable

Financial Services Accounts Payable (A/P) will periodically send Unit-submitted Payment Vouchers (PVs/PVQs), Vendor Invoices greater than $50,000 and Wire Transfers for sponsored accounts to the AMT GCO for a second approval.

Payment Vouchers (PVs) will be sent for the following reasons:

  • Dollar amount is greater than $5,000

  • Questionable document(s)/transaction(s)

  • Food – 7390-06

  • Office Supplies – 7320-01

  • Interviewee Expenses – 7390-31

  • Employee Reimbursement – 7390-41

  • Gift Card Purchases

  • Any other reason that A/P deems requires AMT GCO review/approval

Review the A/P document to verify the expense(s) being paid meet the requirements set forth in the Sponsored Projects Allowability Job Aid. Any exceptions will need to be approved by the AMT Assistant Director.

F&A Reconciliations from the Unit

Units should complete F&A reconciliations on each of their sponsored accounts as part of their monthly review. If they discover an F&A error +/- $100.00, they submit their reconciliation and request for adjustment to the Awards.Management@asu.edu inbox. The person monitoring this box then forwards it to the AMT student email box.  For ASUF awards, interim F&A Reconciliations should not be processed.  RA staff should only be concerned about the direct cost budget currently available to spend.

AMT Student:

1. Open the F&A-Adjustment request e-mail & the attached F&A reconciliation.

2. Review the accuracy of the F&A calculation, making any corrections as needed.

2.1. If the F&A form is incorrect, save it as the file name plus the word “Revised.” Also, insert a comment in each cell that contains an error to indicate what information belongs there.           

2.2. If the correct F&A adjustment is less than +/- $100.00, changes to the Advantage F&A will not be done. E-mail the revised F&A version, if applicable, from the Awards.Management@asu.edu mailbox to the preparer & cc the assigned AMT GCO, stating that no F&A adjustment to Advantage is needed.

3. If the correct F&A adjustment is greater than +/- $100.00, prepare a J1 to adjust the Advantage F&A.

3.1 Print correct F&A worksheet and paperclip it, along with the G210 and 400W, to the back of the signed J1.

3.2 Place in AMT GCO’s inbox for approval.

3.3 Once the approved J1 is received back, send an e-mail from the Awards.Management@asu.edu mailbox to the preparer and cc the assigned AMT GCO that confirms an F&A adjustment has been made. Attach the revised F&A version, if applicable, to the preparer.

3.4 Place the approved J1 in an outbox for pickup.


Review the F&A Adjustment J1 packet from the AMT Student (from step 3 above).

  • For correct packets, approve J1 in Advantage, stamp & initial J1 and return to AMT Student.
  • For incorrect packets, note what needs to be corrected and return to AMT Student for correction.

Documenting Cost Share

Refer to Documenting Cost Sharing Job Aid.

Reconciling Consortium Accounts

Refer to Consortium Quarterly Review Job Aid.

Reviewing Unbilled Account Balances

Refer to Unbilled Accounts Review Job Aid.

Managing Carryover

For awards with carryover funds available during interim years of the award period, see Managing Carryover on Sponsored Projects Job Aid to determine the applicable process.

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