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Close and Archive Accounts
Responsibility: ORSPA-AMT
Prepared by: AMT
Work Instruction Number: WI-CP-20

This work instruction contains the following sections:

Complete Pre-Closeout Review

Close Account

Archive Project Documents

Sending New Boxes to Storage

Finding a Storage Box

Recalling Boxes from Storage

Returning Boxes to Storage

Re-open Closed Account

Complete Pre-Closeout Review

1. Open closeout task, in "Edit" mode, in the AMT Task List and review Description and Closeout Checklist to determine remaining actions required to close account.

  • The Assigned To field should list the GCO assigned to the account.
  • The Description field should include notes explaining the remaining action required to closeout the account.
  • The Closeout Checklist should show the actions which have been completed.
  • Tasks with a task type of "GCO-Revenue Shortfall" are the responsibility of the Cash Management Team to adjust for closeout therefore check with the CMT GCO listed in the Assigned To field for updates on the status of closeout.  Update tasks notes with information received.
  • Tasks with a task type of "Subaward Closeout" are not eligible for the WI-CP-20 process until account has been closed (archived) in Coeus Subcontract module and task type has been changed to "Closeout - GCO".

2. Retrieve the hard file and/or open electronic file on Award SharePoint site.

NOTE:  All lower level accounts need to be closed prior to closing the higher level acct (i.e. all child accounts need to be closed before the parent and dummy parent accounts can be closed).

3. Confirm the Pre-Final closeout is complete.  If not, refer to WI-CP-05 to complete pre-final closeout procedures.

4. Confirm final invoice/financial report has been completed and saved in the parent account file at the following location: SharePoint > Award File > Agency Org File > Submitted Invoice and Financial Reports.  For accounts missing the final invoice/financial report, change Task Type to "Closeout - GCO" and update Description field to request GCO to complete final invoice/financial report.

5. Using Coeus, confirm the following items are completed:

5.1. Confirm all Fiscal, Intellectual Property, and Property items have been marked Completed or Not Required in the Coeus Work Schedule. If not complete, reassign closeout task back to AMT GCO with notes in the Description field to complete review and update of Coeus Work Schedule.

5.2. Verify all ASU-issued subawards for the award are closed (archived) in the Coeus Subcontract module. For parent or subaward accounts with active subawards, stop this process and continue with procedures in WI-MS-110 to close the subawards.  Otherwise, proceed with the following steps.

5.3 Note whether there are related state cost share companion account(s); Account Type: “Cost Share – State”.  State cost share companion accounts will not “terminate” or “close” but will instead remain in “Hold” status indefinitely.  If applicable and not already completed, verify that state cost share companion accounts have been included in final cost share reconciliation (WI-CP-10 step 9).  These files should be archived with the related project account that is closing. (See section - Close Account)

6. Using the Advantage GSUM screen, confirm no pre-encumbrances or encumbrances exist on the account.  Notify department to remove any direct cost encumbrances if they exist.  Email to remove any IDC encumbrances if they exists.

7.  Review APPR Unit Code in Advantage to confirm that the appropriation unit code tied to either the object code and revenue code matches the agency/org. To do this, verify the following:

  • Expended Amount (i.e. Final Expenses) equal Current Recognized Amount (i.e. Final Revenue) on GSUM screen.
  • Current Modified APPR on APP2 screen equals Current Budget Amount on GSUM screen.
  • Actual Receipts on APP2 screen equals Current Recognized Amount on GSUM screen.

If discrepancies are identified, refer to New Award Setup Process Instructions.

8.  Using the Final Report and Advantage GSUM screen, confirm that Final Report = Revenue = Expenses.  Final cumulative expenses on final invoice/financial report should match final expenses and revenue on the account(s). If yes, proceed to step 9 otherwise proceed with the following steps:

8.1. Check if the final payment has been received.

8.1.1. Open the AR Database, search for final invoice number and review status of collection record.

8.1.2. Send an email to if final invoice is over 60 days old and no collection record exists.  The email should reference the invoice number and request the collection process to begin.

8.1.3. In closeout task, update Task Type field to "Closeout - Final Payment" then click OK.   

8.2. Initiate 2nd Request to Transfer Deficit, if any.  An initial request to transfer the deficit should have been completed when the final invoice/report was prepared.  The email sent should be saved in SharePoint Award Agency/Org Miscellaneous folder.  If not, refer to WI-CP-10 Submit Final Account Adjustments for deficit transfer procedures.

8.2.1. For deficit transfer request over 30 days old and the deficit still remains on the account, identify the College's Research Incentive Account (RID) and verify funds are available to absorb the direct cost deficit.  The College's RID account can be found by double-clicking the lead unit field on the Investigator tab in Coeus and locating the Responsible Agency Code and Org Code.  To verify funds are available, multiply the direct cost deficit amount by 1.085 then subtract from the funds available shown on the current SuperReport for the College RID account. For positive balance, prepare J1 to transfer direct cost deficit to College’s Research Incentive Account.  Initiate the 2nd notice via email to the Chair (copying the PI and Unit/Dept Administrator) notifying them that the direct cost deficit has been transferred to the College’s RID account.  Use the “2nd Request to Remove Account Deficit” email template saved in SharePoint folder ACCTG > Closeouts.  Copy the PI and Unit Administrator listed on the initial email and attach a copy of the 1st deficit email and PDF copy of the J1 before sending. For negative balance, send a 3rd email notice to the PI and Unit Research Administrator requesting a department account to absorb the deficit.  The Department Chair, Assistant Vice President for Research Operations, and AMT Assistant Director should be copied on this communication.  Set follow-up in the next 30 days.  Continue to escalate until department account is received.

9. Update closeout task as necessary to reflect current status of account closeout.

10. Move onto Close Account procedures once Final Report = Revenue = Expenses and all encumbrances have been removed for each account.

Close Account

1. Complete Coeus account closeout process for each account as described in the previous closeout steps.  For account structures with a dummy parent (-001 Coeus Award number with no account number assigned), all accounts under the dummy parent need to have been closed before the dummy parent is closed.

1.1. Open account in Coeus in Edit mode.

1.2. Click Details > Award Closeout on toolbar and enter Close Date and Final Report Date on Award Closeout screen.

NOTE: When closing a child account under an active parent account, the Closeout Date for the child account should match the final expiration date on the parent account. This is to avoid child accounts from getting "Purged from Advantage" prior to expiration of the parent account.

1.3. Click Status drop-down list on Award Detail tab and select “Closed (ORG2)” then click "Save" icon on Coeus toolbar.

2. Locate the closeout task on the AMT Task List and update the following fields.

• Task Type - Change to "Closeout - GCO" if the AMT GCO is closing the account or change to "Closeout - Student" if the AMT Student is closing the account.

• Assigned To - Verify the AMT GCO assigned to the account is listed.

• Status  - Change to "Completed"

• Description - Add notes as necessary.  If the person closing account is not the same person listed in the "Assigned To" field, add the following note: <DATE> <INITIALS> : Closed by <Full Name>.

• Closeout Checklist - All boxes should be checked confirming each item has been checked and completed.

• Closeout Date - Enter the date in which the account was closed (i.e. the date in which the status in Coeus was changed to "Closed (ORG2)").  For child accounts, this date may differ than what was entered in the Coeus Award Closeout screen.

* Team - Change to the team the AMT GCO listed in the "Assigned To" field is part of.

3. Within the AMT Task List, change the view to "Completed Task".  Closeout task should appear at the top of the list. Open the task, print to PDF and save in the SharePoint Award folder with the proper naming convention (<Coeus/Account #> Account Closeout Checklist).

4. Transfer electronic account files from SharePoint Award folder to SharePoint Closed Accounts folder.  After transferring, delete appropriate award folder from SharePoint Award folder to avoid duplication.

• For child accounts, before transferring the electronic files, open the SharePoint Closed Accounts folder and do a search for Coeus Award number linked to the child account number.

• If the Coeus Award number appears in the search, transfer only the child account's Agency Org folder into the already established Award folder.

• If the Coeus Award number does not appear in the search, create a new Award folder within the SharePoint Closed Account folder and transfer only the child account's Agency Org folder into the newly created Award folder.

• Remember to delete the child account's Agency Org folder in the SharePoint Award folder to avoid duplication.

4. Print a copy of the Closeout Task and rubber band to the hard account file, if any, and place file into the Account Archive bin.

Archive Project Documents

Sponsor and University legal requirements exist for records retention periods, records storage, and records destruction. The requirements vary by sponsor and type of records. Sponsor requirements can be determined by reference to official sponsor guidance. University requirements are described in the following policy statements—

FIN 103 Departmental Record Keeping

PCS 703 Records Storage and Destruction

The Sponsored Projects Records Retention Schedule is maintained by the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records under Schedule Number: 999-07-15.

Upon completion of closeout account process, physical files are to be prepared for off-site storage until the specified retention period has expired and the records are destroyed. The following steps should be completed—

1. Confirm that account has been closed by locating completed Closeout Task record rubber banded to the file.

2. Remove account plastic sleeve from file drawer and discard.

3. File any account documents from plastic sleeve in proper file sections.

4. Check “MIA” drawer for account documents to be filed and place in proper file sections.

5. Collect archived account files until there is a sufficient number to fill a Banker’s storage box.

6. Assign archive box number to account(s) using Coeus Box application.

6.1. Click on “Maintain” at the top left hand side of the screen.

6.2. Click on “Archive (Box)”.

6.3. Cancel out of the Box Selection screen.

6.4. On the Coeus toolbar, click the “Edit” drop-down menu then click “Add”.

6.4.1. As each new Agency/Org is saved, Coeus will automatically assign an Account Destruction Date.

6.5. The Add New Box screen should appear.

6.5.1. In the Description field, type “Closed Accounts”.
6.5.2. Skip down to the Accounts section of the screen, click the “Add” button, enter the Agency/Org number (i.e. account number), then click Save.  This process should be repeated for every account file in the Box.
6.5.3. As each new Agency/Org is saved, Coeus will automatically assign an Account Destruction Date.

6.6. Go back up to the Box Destruction Date field and enter the latest Account Destruction Date listed in the Accounts section.

6.7. Write down the box number as this is needed in step j.  

6.8. Close the “Add New Box” screen and exit completely out of the “Archive (Box)” module back to the main Coeus screen.

6.9. Reenter the “Archive (Box)” module by opening the Maintain drop-down menu and scrolling down to “Archive (Box)” module.

6.10. In the Box Selection screen, enter the new box number in the Box Code field then click Find.

6.11. On the Coeus toolbar, open the Edit drop-down menu and scroll down to Report.

6.12. In the Archive Report screen, click the Print button and a new window should appear displaying the Box Inventory Report.  Print 2 copies of the Box Inventory Report.

7. File 1 copy of the Box Inventory Report in the Archived Award File Binder.

8. Complete Box labeling using a black Sharpie marker.

8.1. On the lid of the Box complete the following steps:

8.1.1. Staple the 2nd copy of the Box Inventory Report to the center of Box lid.
8.1.2. On the top of the lid, above the report, write “Centerpoint 214”.
8.1.3. On the bottom of the lid, below the report, write the Box number.

8.2. On the short sides of the Box complete the Box description form with the following information.

8.2.1. In the Box No. field, write the Box #.
8.2.2. In the Box Location field, write “CTRPT 214”.
8.2.3. In the Destroy Date field, write the Destroy Box Date, which can be found on the Box Inventory Report stapled on the Lid.
8.2.4. Leave the From field blank.
8.2.5. In the To field, write “ORSPA”.
8.2.6. In the Contents field, write “CLOSED ACCOUNTS”.

8.3. On the long sides of the box, write the box number in very large font.

9. Place the lid on the box and follow “Sending New Boxes to Storage” instructions.

Sending New Boxes to Storage

1. Scan copies of the Box Inventory Reports for the boxes that would like to be archived.

2. Email the scanned copies to and Kerry Suson.

2.1. In Subject line, type “Boxes for Archive”

2.2. In the Body, type: "Please pick up New Boxes #____, _____, ____, etc. Thank you."

2.3. Type your Name, Building location (CTRPT), Room number (214), email address & phone number

2.4. Stack boxes in 214-01 up to three boxes in height.

2.5. Note on Archive Box list which boxes are ready to be picked up.

Finding a Storage Box

1. In Coeus, from the toolbar open the Maintain drop-down menu and scroll down to the Archive (Box) module.

2. In the Box Selection screen, type in the Agency/Org number.

3. Search window will appear showing the archive box number assigned to the Agency/Org.

Recalling Boxes from Storage

1. Send an email to and Kerry Suson.

1.1. In Subject, type “Archive Box Request”.

1.2. In the body, type the following: "Please bring boxes # ____, _____," your Name, Building location (CTRPT), Room number (214), email address & phone number.

2. After sending email, update spreadsheet titled “Archive Boxes Requests” saved in SharePoint folder ACCTG\Closeouts\Archive Boxes.

Returning Boxes to Storage

1. Return Boxes by sending an email to and Kerry Suson.

1.1. In Subject line, type “Boxes to Picked Up”
1.2. In the body, type: "Please pick-up the following boxes for archive: Box # ____, _____," etc.
1.3. Type your Name, Building location (CTRPT), Room number (214), email address and phone number

2. Once boxes are picked up by Surplus, update spreadsheet titled “Archive Boxes Requests” saved in Sharepoint folder ACCTG\Closeouts\Archive Boxes.

Re-open Closed Account

1. Obtain AMT Assistant Director approval prior to reopening a previously-closed account.

2. Once approval is obtained, complete the following changes in Coeus.

2.1. Open account in "Edit" mod and change status from "Closed(ORG2) to "Terminated (GDE2)".

2.2. Clear the "Closeout Date" field in the Award Closeout screen under the Details Tab.

2.3. Add a comment and date to the "Comments" tab explaining the reason for the re-opening of the account.

2.4. Save changes.

2.5. Changes in Coeus will need to feed to Advantage.  Feeds are done at least twice a day, once in the mid-morning (approx. 10 AM) and once before close of business.

3. Two to three hours after Coeus has been changed, open account in Advantage and confirm the following information is active.

3.1. ORG2 - Status equals "A".

3.2. GDE2 - Grant Status equals "A"

3.3. GSUM - Closing Date matches End Date

3.4. EXPB - Object Codes show a status of "A"

3.5. APP2 - Status IND equals "A"

4. For accounts showing "I" on the ORG2 and GDE2, confirm the feed has occurred by reviewing the Feed Maintenance screen under the Coeus Central Admin tab.  If feed has occurred, open the Coeus Account records and confirm all items in step 2 were completed.

5. For accounts showing a different Closing Date, refer back to step 2.2.

6. For accounts showing "I" on EXPB, generate an Advantage EB document to open up the budget lines required.

7. For accounts showing "I" on APP2, generate an Advantage A1 document to reactivate the Appropriation (APPR UNIT) for the account.  The appropriation must be active to charge any expenses to the account.

8. For re-opened accounts which will soon be closed, setup a closeout task in the AMT Task List to remind GCO to reclose account.

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