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Native American Involvement

Last updated: 04/14/2022 - 3:16pm

To ensure the Office of the Special Advisor to the President on American Indian Initiatives approves Native American Involvement in ASU projects, including work

  • on Tribal land
  • with Tribal Populations
  • with Tribal documents, materials, or data

To ensure that these reviews and outcomes are recorded

To ensure that this process is facilitated.  ORIA has this responsibility



RA - Research Advancement Administrator

PI - Principal Investigator

IRB - Institutional Review Board

ORIA - Office for Research Integrity and Assurance



For definitions, see Sponsored Projects Definitions



Absence of Native American involvement approval will not hold up proposal submission. Projects may not begin, nor may an account be activated, until Office of the Special Advisor to the President approval has been obtained


RA process for seeking approval prior to proposal submission

1. RA will advise the PI to work early in the proposal process to gain the necessary letters of collaboration/approval from the authorized office of the Native American tribe (for example tribal council or tribal IRB).

2. RA will include the letter of collaboration/approval in the FP under special reviews.

3. RA will run the activity , notifying them of the tribal approval letter.

 3.1. If ORIA staff request additional information, RA will gather the necessary information; post it to the "Internal Attachments" within the Funding Proposal; and using the activity   indicating that the updated task is ready for review.

 3.2 ORIA staff will run the activity  with the outcome of review.  If disapproved,  ORIA will coordinate with the President’s Special Advisor regarding next step actions and document ERA with recommendations for resolution.

 3.3. ORIA will enter date of decision into ERA.


RA process work instruction for seeking approval post proposal submission:

RA staff will begin the review and approval process by sending an e-mail to, attaching tribal approval and a copy of the approved Funding Proposal. The subject line will be: Proposal Number_PI_Sponsor Name_Native American Involvement.

  1. If ORIA staff requests additional information, the RA will gather the necessary information and submit it to ORIA via e-mail.
  2. RA staff and PI will receive an e-mail notifying them of the status of the Native American involvement review request.
  3. ORIA Staff will send an e-mail noting determination status and will provide the link to the ORIA Native American SharePoint site. If Disapproved – ORIA will coordinate with the President’s Special Advisor regarding next step actions and document the recommendations for resolution via e-mail.
  4. ORIA will enter the decision date into ERA.
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