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What is experts.asu?

Experts.asu is the public-facing searchable website used to profile ASU’s research activities, find expertise, showcase publications, and characterize the strengths of research units. ABOR provides this service for all three of Arizona’s public universities: ASUNAU, UofA. KED Analytics updates all experts.asu profiles at the beginning of each ASU semester. Due to a limit on the number of profiles, currently only tenured and tenure-track faculty and other researchers with high sponsored research activity have profiles. All Experts are able to access and update their profiles by scrolling to the bottom of any experts.asu page and clicking “Log in to Pure” using ASU credentials.

Where does experts.asu get its information?

There are three sources of information. The first is research output fed into experts.asu from Elsevier’s Scopus database, which is updated daily and contains the largest collection of published scholarly works available to ASU. It currently contains over 70 million records:

  • over 21,000 peer-reviewed journals

  • over 280 trade publications

  • over 150,000 books

  • 8 million conference papers

  • 39 million patents

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The second source of information comes from ASU. At the beginning of each ASU semester, KED Analytics supplies the following data:

  • the Experts (ASU faculty)

  • the Experts’ departmental and center organizations (based on HR units and sponsored projects recognition)

  • sponsored project data (e.g. abstracts) for the fingerprinting process

Elsevier connects the new Expert names to the Scopus database so all new Scopus information is automatically added to experts.asu when the Scopus-Experts system refreshes.

The third source of information comes from the individual Experts. Profiles researchers can feed in additional scholarly information such as musical compositions, awards/honors, or memberships in academic organizations. Researchers can also add text to the “research interests” field for fingerprinting as well.

The combination of these three sources of information create the experts.asu profiles that are a holistic and consistently updated sketch of the expertise at ASU.

How does experts.asu create expertise fingerprints?

Elsevier’s proprietary software mines the text of each scholarly output and profiles’ research interests through different discipline vocabularies to create an index of weighted terms that then populate an Expert’s profile as fingerprints. These fingerprints are created at the scholarly work level and can therefore be aggregated for ASU departments, centers, or colleges. All fingerprints are searchable so anyone can access this site and search for scholars with expertise on a keyword of interest.

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How is experts.asu used?

Using experts.asu, users can quickly and easily find a wide range of researchers within ASU and across departments. Browse profiles or search by concept to:

  • identify ASU experts in any particular field by text or concept search

  • identify potential collaborators to form teams

  • find a mentor

  • understand the strengths of a certain Expert, department, center, college, etc.

  • share honors, awards, community service, or other information to the general public

  • locate other researchers who may be working in a related area

You can view Experts’ fingerprints, publication histories, and co-author networks to explore their unique expertise and connections to other faculty and institutions.

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How do users customize a profile?

Little to no faculty effort is expected for the creation and maintenance of most STEM researcher profiles because KED Analytics automatically generates profiles and mines the text of all scholarly works indexed in Scopus. Researchers in the arts and humanities disciplines that don’t publish in Scopus journals may 

In the even that faculty effort is required, Experts are able to update their profile by scrolling to the bottom of any experts.asu page and clicking “Log in to Pure” using ASU credentials.

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