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02/12/2018 - 1:55pm

ERA Grants

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ERA (requires ASURITE login)

ERA Training Server

This is an electronic gateway for the submission, review, approval and tracking of funding proposals and related budgets for research at Arizona State University.

Get ERA Help

Get the help you need quickly:

  • Call (480) 965-9065
  • Email ERA [at] asu [dot] edu

ERA support is available during normal business hours, Monday - Friday. Support requests submitted outside of normal business hours will be addressed during the next business day.


In addition to the guides below, please access the ERA Training Server for practice in creating proposals and step-by-step tutorials for many of the topics below.  

Funding Proposal Guide

Visit the ERA Grants Funding Proposal page to learn more about creating the Funding Proposal in ERA.

Budgets Guide

Visit the ERA Grants Budgets page to learn more about budgeting in ERA.

Modular Budgets Guide

Visit the ERA Grants Budgets > Modular Budgets section to learn more about Modular Budgets in ERA.

SF424 Guide

Visit the ERA Grants SF424 page to learn more about the SF424 module.


ERA Grants Training

Getting Started

Begin with these instructions to log in, navigate, search, and learn to use ERA's key features.

To access ERA:
Log in using your ASURITE here. If you have not been assigned the appropriate role in ERA, please contact era [at] asu [dot] edu for assistance.

To learn ERA:
ERA Grants is simple to learn. The videos found here provide detailed step-by-step instruction on using ERA Grants to develop and submit a funding proposal and budget. Use the Training ERA for the opportunity to gain hands-on practice with creating, editing, and submitting proposals. In addition, once in the system, help text provided to the right of many questions will aid you in answering questions as you advance through SmartForms.

To search ERA:
This video illustrates search methods that may be used throughout ERA.


What is My Home Workspace?
This video provides an orientation to the menus and information that can be accessed from the My Home Workspace. Users with multiple assigned roles in ERA (e.g., Research Administrator and Approver) will also use the My Home Workspace to switch to another assigned role.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions page provides answers to the most popular questions about ERA Grants and includes the following videos and job aids.


Available on the ERA Grants FAQ page (and within ERA via the Help Text on the associated Smart Form)

Job Aids, User Guides, & Tutorials

Available on the ERA Grants FAQ page


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