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ERA Update - 06-16-2017

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06/16/2017 - 2:48pm

Submitted Budget Now Locked

What: Once a proposal has been submitted the Submitted Budget and Current Sponsor Budget will now be locked for editing.

If a sponsor requests changes to a previously submitted proposal, RAs will need to follow the Copy a Budget for Simulations and Post Submission Changes guidance.

Why: To ensure that previously submitted proposals do not automatically pick up the new F&A rates.

F&A Rate Update

On Monday, 6/19/2017 the new F&A Rates will be applied to ERA. Below are a few clarifications to the May 31st F&A announcement:

1. I started my proposal before June 19th, how do I apply the new F&A rates to my budget?
The new rates will not automatically pull in on pre-existing budgets in ERA. To have the system apply the new rates, navigate to BU 1.2 F&A Rate Determination and either click Save or Continue (no manual changes to the form fields required).

2. My budget is already final or will be soon, am I required to revise the budget to include the new F&A rates?
Exceptions to continue with the old F&A rates may be considered during the transition phase – to request an exception please contact your assigned proposal GCO in ERA.

3. The sponsor is requesting a revised budget to make an award. Which F&A rate should be applied?
Use the new rate(s) appropriate for the period of performance.

4. What date for the F&A rate agreement should be on proposal applications?
While the F&A rates are approved, the agreement will not be signed until the ASU Planning & Budget office and the US Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) have agreed upon the FY18 Employee Related Expense (ERE) rates. During this transition, it is best not to include a date in the F&A section of the budget justification or a copy of the F&A Agreement with the Application. Please work with your assigned Proposal GCO in ERA as questions and concerns arise. 

5. Which F&A rate should be applied if my project crosses fiscal years?
If a start date is 6 months or more into a fiscal year, ERA will calculate amounts using the following fiscal year’s rates. (Note: the Budget Worksheet works the same way, and this methodology is applied for ERE rates and tuition rates as well).

6. My proposal was submitted before June 19th, will the sponsored account be subject to the new F&A rates?
If the sponsor requests a revised budget to make an award, the new F&A rates should be applied to the revised budget. If the sponsor makes an award based on a budget submitted before June 19th, then the award account will be setup with the F&A rate that was used in the sponsor-approved budget (unless the sponsor dictates otherwise).

These clarifications will also be disseminated in the Research Operations newsletter next week.