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07/26/2017 - 1:18pm

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Effort Reporting DEA access

Effort Reporting Login

Submit a New Request for Access as a Department Effort Administrator (DEA).

Note: Permission is granted based on the individual's need to access effort report information. In your request for access, please enter the department code(s) for the unit(s) whose data you wish to access.

How to sign up to be a Department Effort Administrator (DEA)

  1. Go to the website: https://www.asu.edu/go/oasis/AddSecurityRequest/
  2. On the login screen, enter your ASURITE user ID and password, and click Login.
  3. On the Security Request screen:
    1. Enter your ASURITE user ID.
    2. Click Continue.
    3. Enter your reason for access. Ex. “I need access as the DEA on sponsored project effort for the following units: B1746, B1310, E0811”.
    4. Enter your supervisor’s ASURITE user ID.
    5. Click Continue.
  4. You should be presented with the option to add roles by clicking the Add Role(s) button.
  5. Under Human Capital Management (HR) - Effort Reporting (ER) box (13 boxes down from the top), check the checkbox for the role Dept Effort Administrator. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save and Return.
  6. You are returned to the security request screen. Your screen will be similar to what is listed below. Click Save and Submit to send the request.

For help with your ASURITE information, please contact UTO at 480-965-6500.

Effort Reporting Dashboard

In addition to queries within Effort Reporting system, the Sponsored Effort Reporting Dashboard provides standardized queries, reports, and Other Effort Reporting database information to assist users in management of sponsored project effort.

Effort Reporting status reports

Uncertified Reports by Certifier (current and past periods)
A listing of open effort reports that require either DEA or Certifier action. The list is for Certifiers to discern which reports are outstanding that require their action. (ASURITE required.)

Delinquent Effort Reports
A listing of faculty/staff who have delinquent effort reports. These faculty/staff members cannot have new awards activated or account modifications completed until all delinquent reports are completed. (ASURITE required.)

Uncertified Reports by College/Dept
A listing of open effort reports that require either DEA or Certifier action. The list is for DEA’s to discern which reports are outstanding for their department/college and action(s) required to complete the report(s). (ASURITE required.)


Payroll calendars

Link to payroll calendars: http://cfo.asu.edu/hr-calendars

Effort Reporting calendar

For faculty, academic staff, graduate assistants, postdoctoral researchers, service professionals, and all other exempt employees:

ER Period ER Period Dates Certification Window


12/19/16 - 5/7/17

5/22/17 - 7/11/17

2017-1 (A12)

12/19/16 - 7/2/17

8/28/17 - 10/12/17


5/8/17 - 8/13/17

8/28/17 - 10/12/17

2017-2 (A12)

7/3/17 -12/31/17

1/16/18 - 3/2/18


8/14/17 - 12/31/17

1/16/18 - 3/2/18


1/1/18 - 5/20/18

6/4/18 - 8/24/18

2018-1 (A12)

1/1/18 - 7/1/18

8/27/18 - 10/11/18


5/21/18 - 8/12/18

8/27/18 - 10/11/18

2018-2 (A12)

7/2/18 - 12/30/18

1/14/19 - 2/28/19


8/13/18 - 12/30/18

1/14/19 - 2/28/19

Information on historical effort reporting periods is found in this reference document.

Prompt review, certification, and correction of an employee’s sponsored project effort on a project is essential. Each time effort is certified it is done for a specific period of performance. The 90 day period during which effort reports are released, certified and finalized is called the certification window. Each certification window is opened by ORSPA after the corresponding period of performance. Each time the certification window is opened, an initial period of 45 days is allowed to certify the effort for the corresponding period of performance. The remaining 45 days in the certification window allow for review and finalization of reports under system administrator oversight. In the event that effort reports for pay on sponsored accounts are not certified, the Department Effort Administrator (DEA) will be required to remove the payroll from the sponsored project account.

Changes to contributed effort commitment

Changes to contributed effort commitments should be routed to notifications [at] asu [dot] edu using the Request for Contributed Effort Setup in ERS email template. The AMT GCO will process required updates to Coeus and Advantage and will notify effort reporting staff of any required adjustments in the Effort Reporting System. This will ensure that overall commitments to projects are being properly tracked and met.

MyReports - access to payroll and financial data

MyReports website: http://www.asu.edu/it/eds/welcome.html.

My Reports is ASU's implementation of Hyperion BI+. ASU Data Warehouse users can use My Reports to run queries against the data warehouse. The MyReports site is devoted to helping warehouse users get started using the tool. There are several demo videos, an Online Help Center with step-by-step information, FAQs and training documents. In addition, there is a link to a blog where changes are announced.